Eloping and decks of cards.

It's 10:30 pm and the Mehta household of 15 members have met to play cards. We all play a game called "kadi di Rani" which I just don't seem to understand. This game always goes over my head and even  after countless explanations I just can't play it. So I watch my complete family fight and scream since losing in cards is the biggest pain ever endured. I watch them laugh and cry while I sit by like an oddball and Snapchat away.

So yes. I am the oddball in the family and very proud to be. While they play, I blog or doodle. Or I just yawn since I am not a fan of playing cards. I don't mind playing for like an hour. But Mehta household need a good five hour session of card playing minimum!

On a completely different note today morning I attended the wedding of a friend. It was special. Why? Because she had eloped and was getting married. It was a Hindu Muslim case and pretty serious. So they ran away, got married and invited all friends to the court. Crazy. And I wish them all the best as they are so happy and in love and deserve to be together always no matter what society or parents say.

That's all on cards and eloping front.

On the home front I am still as busy as hell. No point going into that, I am just happy to find some time to blog. I really want to draw but even twenty four hours in a day don't seem enough. Six months of marriage have whizzed by in routine and family. I am sure you all agree that time seems to run post marriage.

Tomorrow I am going for Angry Birds movie. K and I are such movie buffs. I guess we watch at least two movies a week at the theater. But Sunday is something special. Will blog about our plans for Sunday soon!

That's all for now. Will get back to watching these guys play cards.



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