Of numbers, throat ache and challenges

I am down with a viral. Throat infection, cough and massive headache. And to make my life wonderful, three of our maids have taken a leave for this month. (Together, it seems more like a strike for some reason) So yes, I cannot even explain nor do I want to explain how big an issue that is. 

I have postponed some of my commissions as this month priority has to be the "Mehta household".

Now that the major work is sorted, I can rest and write my blog whilst sipping hot water. 

On a happy front, along with my A-Z writing challenge, I have also successfully completed my "36 days of type" challenge. You have seen all my alphabets, so now I am posting all the numerals I doodled. 

I am so happy to have pulled off this challenge. 36 illustrations in 36 days. 
Any ways that's all I can write for now.  Hoping to catch some rest in the afternoon. K and I started watching Masterchef Australia 2016. So ecstatic. We love that show. I watched Game of Thrones latest episode yesterday and slept half way through. If I feel better today I hope I can catch up and complete it. 



  1. Three Maids??? Do you live in a typical Saas-Bahu style mansion with a long staircase? :P

    Wonderful doodles. I envy you for your talent. I doodle a lot too...just that they're not even half as good as yours.

    Get well soon.


    1. haha...kind off though no staircase..with a big gujju family :)
      Thanks. Check out my art page on facebook called Ink Tales.
      Would love to see your doodles.


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