It's a Zen-day today!

6:00 pm -  In a complete zen mode.

 I had one of the most relaxed days ever. In-laws are out of town and the boys are at work. I woke up, delegated all the chores off and took this day to just unwind. Had a wonderful breakfast of plain ghee parathas with a hot cup of tea. Had a simple lunch of masala pulav all by myself, watched Big Bang theory and then took a superb nap.  

Some days this is all you need. Alone time, food and sleep along with your favourite shows. It was a detox day, not food wise but mind wise I guess. 

I had a wonderful Goa trip for my birthday. I always tell K that if you want to gift me things, just gift my travel. Life is one busy affair but I feel travel is an integral part to be happy. Short or long trips, abroad or local, drives or flights, anything is okay. Just get out of the rut of life and collect memories. In the end these are the treasures you will take with you. Experiences, memories, perspectives are food to your soul which is fulfilled through travel and your hobbies. 

6:19pm - Eating Yan Yan. I love them! Basically stick biscuits that you have to dip in chocolate. I am feeling guilty too. Because I am suppose to be on a diet. The month of July I had decided to be a little healthy. Have regular food and avoid junk completely. No cheese, nothing fried and no sugar. I am yet to do it but it's impossible to be on a diet at the Mehta household. Why? Our snack counter is filled with all the possible biscuits, chocolates, wafers and what not! Half the junk is filled by me and the other half by another junk lover - Mil. 

But to ease my guilt our dinner today is home-made subway sandwiches. I am still contemplating if I should do this no-junk diet as the more you forbid yourself from eating what you like, the more you want to eat it. Basically it's reverse psychology and I am one weakling when it comes to food. 

Yesterday I sacrificed my sleep and watched Game of Thrones episodes, five of them, back to back! Five hours of battles and plain brilliance.
 I had to catch up on them, plus the finale was out and loads of spoilers were coming on Facebook. I did not want to see Facebook in case I found out what happened in the finale. So yesterday I just binge-watched the show. Epic is not the word! What a brilliant show. I am so depressed that I have to wait one whole year for the next season. Damn.

I want to blog about my Goa trip but will do so tomorrow once I create a nice album to go along with it.

So that's all for now. Super hungry and I am looking forward to those sandwiches! Hope you guys have a wonderful dinner too. Had taken a good seven day break from art but now it's time to get back to work. Orders, emails, personal artworks, it is going to be a busy July. 



  1. Isn't it great when we can get a day to ourselves to just relax and unwind??

  2. its much needed..i feel u need a day like this atleast once a week :)


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