The magical tear drop


3:20 pm - The heat is making me mad. (Mad - melted and demented) And I am crazy enough to now have a cup of hot tea. I need tea or Coke (beverage) to power through my commissions.

I had written a post recently about my Matunga market experiences and some announcements. Recently I found out that it suddenly and very randomly got deleted. No idea how and why. I was a little upset as I had written it from heart and posted so many photos. Everyone told me to re-write it, but I cannot replicate an article. I put down what I feel in the moment. So I cannot just write that again. Anyway not an issue. Basically that article was to announce that I am listed in the Directory of Top Indian Blogs of 2016. Super proud and honoured to have this badge under my belt. I write because I feel happy and when I get mails/messages from countless people telling me how much they enjoy my blog posts, it just makes my day! So a big hug to all my readers!

3:56 pm - I must have eaten at least ten to fifteen Andes chocolates. Andes are the best mint chocolates ever! I love them. If K finds out that I have eaten so many I don't think I will be alive to pen down my next post. I munch on chocolates as if they are chips. I have no sense of control and if you meet me you will know I am one big glut. Since I have entered the "Gujju" family, my appetite has increased and I have already planned a wonderful dinner of hot Vada Pav tonight. 

Today I chanced upon something very interesting. I choose the word "Interesting" as I do not know what other word can suit the information that I am about to share. Someone told me in the morning (I shall not name the person) that they just received a whats app message that apparently peacocks don't mate. They are pure and the reason we use their feathers in temples is because they do not mate in the "usual" way. The message claimed that the peacock dances around, cries out tears of happiness. These tears are then consumed by the peahen which makes her pregnant!

My reaction- "Whaaaaaaaaaaat" Absolutely the most ridiculous and illogical story ever. So I decided to Google. I didn't need to but I had to show the person that some things are just not possible. Thankfully Google showcased that the "tear drop magically giving a baby" theory is just a stupid myth and peacocks mate away like any other birds. They are secretive in nature hence you cannot easily chance upon them mating. Well, who wants to.

Wow. Some myths just take my breath away. (Literally) 

That's all for now!

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