Tinder talks and birthday bumps

A very hot Saturday afternoon. A splitting headache. A very heavy lunch.

 And K, my wonderfully weird husband decides to ask me, "Have you ever used Tinder? What is it? How do I use it?"

Me - Should I be scared K? 

I explained it somehow as even I do not know how it works (Thank God) and told him to Google it. 

K - You should be happy I came to my wife directly regarding Tinder instead of googling it. 

I have no response to this and I am glad he has a low attention span because now he is busy in a game of cricket on his phone whilst sneezing away due to his bronchitis. Sneeze away K, sneeze away.

Last week we watched Papa CJ's comedy show called "Naked". What a show. If you don't know Papa CJ then you are utterly crazy so go google him. If you do know him, please watch that show. 
Tonight we are watching a play called  12 Angry Jurors. K has watched the movie and he loves it, so I guess the play should be good too. Post that we are watching Udta Punjab. It's going to be one heavy Saturday night! 

Its my birthday in a few days and I have already been bombarded with crazy gifts this year! Best of all is superb art supplies from Dad and Mum, and a four day Goa trip along with countless other awesome things from the Husband! Along with some crazy retail therapy.
Leaving in a couple of days and trying to wrap up a commission before I go. Really looking forward to this break as May has been the toughest month for me. (Idiotic maids - don't ask)

I have many more updates regarding my art, latest ideas, plans etc. All in due time.

PS- I got inked! Cheers.


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