Catching Pokemons with an imaginary six pack.

It's a great Saturday morning. It would be much more amazing if I did not have a big zit on my face. Today after ages I am going out with R, who is in town to celebrate her birthday. There are plans to party full night, probably not even sleep, which is a task for me as my bedtime has drastically changed. I need to be in bed by ten these days. Gone are the days when I could talk, chill and draw till the wee hours of morning. 

While I am humming "Gotta catch em all, pokemon!!" (A new mobile game - pokemon go, that has gripped the entire world) I come across a bizarre article on weird traditions that happen around the world. Out of some ten mentioned in the article, the one that was most atrocious was that in Indonesia (some tribe), a couple after their wedding day cannot go to the bathroom for three days. How is that even possible. How can one not pee for three days, forget anything else! And what is the logic behind this? The relatives sit with the couple for three days to supervise and see that they do not go to the bathroom. Weird. 

The Sibling has just sent me a video with a message that said. "this reminds me of you". Thinking it must be something sweet and beautiful, I open it. Turns out it was about a Corgi (dog), who was so fat that he could not climb through the door and then kept rolling on the floor. Wondering if I am going the plump Corgi way, I decide to do some crunches and jumps right now. 

Weight has become such an issue these days. The metabolism that you were once so proud of, disappears into oblivion as you hit your late twenties. K has also been complaining about weight gain while he munches away on cheese toasts and cheesy biscuits. The other night he exclaimed loudly, "I want six packs like Parineeti Chopra!".

K leaves me dumbfounded on so many occasions and always cracks me up. My responses are always standard to his wacky statements - "Thanks for giving me something to go on the blog."

Anyways, here is a Pokemon Go inspired sketch I created few days back. People have gone crazy over this game which entails finding pokemons in your area. There have been reported accidents due to this game. What is more odd is that is has become a new way to lose weight. People go on these long walks, just so that they can play and catch pokemons while simultaneously burning calories. Wondering if I should try, but I am the clumsiest person ever, so chances are that I would probably fall into the sea or gutter, which is more likely in Mumbai. 



  1. We have been playing pokemon go at our house. I haven't yet gone on long walks. But I need to get up off my butt and go. I like to whine about my weight while I eat potato chips. A good laugh for today!! Happy Hunting!!


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