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Monday Musings 11/7

Happy Birthday Dad!!!! 

Here is my Monday musings post part two. I got a lovely response last time which has encouraged me to continue with this. Honestly speaking, I hate Mondays. But writing this is something I look forward to.

Looking out my window - 
Crazy winds and light rains. I am loving the weather. The thing I love the most about the location I live in is the winds. No matter what the climate, we always have soothing breeze coming into all our rooms. I went for a half-hour walk downstairs to enjoy the weather..

As I ponder - 
I am feeling very dull today. Guess it's the Monday blues. I really need to start my commissions so I am really trying hard to get out of this zone and get to work. 

What I am learning - 
I found some great art tutorials online, so currently I am learning different techniques to sketch flowers, shells and trees. I am also going to try my hand at sacred geometry and some arabic patterning this week. 

What I am creating - 
Just got my concepts sorted for the coming orders and will start working on it today. I am also planning my week in my new planner, so all set to now decorate it.

What I am reading - 
Still nothing! I am yet to find a good book. I am dying to read a good novel. Any suggestions?

What I am watching - 
Same shows that I mentioned last week. Mom has been after me to start this show called "Outlander". So will start it this week for sure.

What I am hearing - 
Jag  Ghoomiya from Sultan. The only good song from that movie. Lovely song.

Pictures I want to share -
My art kit gifted by Dad and Mom. Time to work!

I have already visited Cafe Mezzuna (Andheri) twice only to eat their Tiramisu which is amazing. Another place you should go if you love Tiramisu is Bunglow9 in Bandra.

This has kind off become my standard favourite breakfast. Two thick ghee parathas with tea.

What I am drinking - 
Just had this horrendous smoothie we make at home. It is made from Tulsi, Pudina, apples, banana and some more weird spices. I hate it but I have to drink it for "health" reasons. (yuck)
I also drank half cup of mixed vegetable soup. Another disgusting thing to drink. Compulsory as usual. 

What's happening in the kitchen - 
Made Upma for breakfast. For dinner we are making two types of vegetables with bhakri along with vegetable pulav. Pretty simple tonight.

A quote I want to share -

Looking forward - 
Celebrating my Grand dad and Dad's birthday on Wednesday. So it is going to be a double celebration. I love spending all my time with my family. Plus my best friend R is coming to Mumbai for a week, so looking forward to spending time with her and celebrating her birthday too! Many birthdays this month!

A peek into my week - 
Damn, should have decorated my planner layout for this week before hand so I could post it here. Any ways, it's a busy week of orders, artworks and celebrations. 

A final thought - 
We get so busy planning our futures, dreaming of changes and success that we forget to enjoy the present and have gratitude for the things God has given us. So ending the post with a big thank you to God for blessing me with such a wonderful life filled with some wonderful odd moments!



  1. I don't like either wind or rain. But I am glad that someone does. I see you are a planner decorator. I would love to see some of your spreads. I love my planner. Have a wonderful rest of the week!!

  2. I don't like either wind or rain. But I am glad that someone does. I see you are a planner decorator. I would love to see some of your spreads. I love my planner. Have a wonderful rest of the week!!


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