Monday Musings 18/7

So much to do today but I love creating this post every Monday...

Looking out my window -  

Even though we live in a concrete jungle (Mumbai), I am glad that my home is surrounded by trees from one side and a beautiful temple on the other side. I open the window and see trees all around.

As I ponder -  

I miss my Mom.  She is out of town for five days and in such a secluded spot that there is no network. I just realised how lonely I feel when I cannot talk to her. She is and will always be my best friend. Come back home Mom, enough of gallivanting. 

What I am learning - 

Learning to get professional. I am the most laid back, last minute person ever. I have so many orders piled, all due end of this month and I am yet to start work.

What I am creating - 
Starting the research work on my order now that the concept has been finalised by the client. I also created my planer layout for this week. Not really happy with the way its looking. I feel like this teenage girl who uses glitters and stickers, probably doodling the name of her boy crush or something with sickly hearts. Hating my planner. There is a difference between feminine and girly. Need to get classier with my decor for the planner. Any suggestions?

What I am reading - 

I ordered four new books!! 

  • The City of Djinns (thanks to a friend who shares my name, for suggesting it)
  • The Bastard of Istanbul
  • The girl on the train
  • Ghost stories from Goa

Super duper excited!!

What I am watching - 

Tried watching this movie School of Rock. K was utterly shocked and dissapointed that I did not even know about it. I saw the first half and slept off, will catch up on the other half soon.

What I am hearing - 

So much drilling and honking. There is never a silent moment if you live in Mumbai.

Pictures I want to share -

When I go shopping with Mil, which is like every week, we end of gorging on crazy inhuman amounts of street food. 

I love this photo clicked by K on our ride in the hot air balloon (New Zealand). I love how we captured the shadow of our balloon on the field with the beautiful mountains in the background.

Every one tells me to start meditating to calm my chaotic mind. But I feel art is my meditation. I just want to coop up alone in a room, be away from people and keep drawing. 

What I am drinking - 
Water and then a yucky soup.

What's happening in the kitchen - 
Regular ladyfinger sabji for lunch and planning to make chole/paratha for dinner.

A quote I want to share -
This is the quote I stuck in my planner : The very things that hold you down are going to lift you up - Timothy Mouse.
I absolutely love it and it holds true for my life. Each time life holds me down, it encourages me to push through and I end up doing better.

Looking forward - 
Finishing my orders this week so that I can finally do some personal artworks for my art collection. Little exhausted with commissions and now want to just focus on creating some good conceptual artworks. 

A peek into my week - 
It's my Grand dad's birthday tomorrow, it's R's birthday day after so will be gorging more food as usual next two days. Will try my best to finish my commissions as soon as possible.

A final thought - 
The Sibling has designed a very cute logo for my blog. No matter how busy he is, he takes out time to do things for me. So happy with what he created. Here it is! I wanted something that defines me, something floral so he made a cute character. I can even doodle and create mini comic strips from it!! 



  1. Love your reflections. A wonderful photo of the hot air balloon. And celebrating with food is the best way to celebrate!! Have a good week!

    1. thanks paula! if you ever come to India would def tell you what all you should eat and do!

    2. That would be so much fun!! I would love to visit India someday!


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