Monday Musings 25/7

Looking out my window -  
It just rained heavily sometime back and it is pretty gloomy. The weather makes me so lazy and sleepy. It took all the possible energy to not fall asleep. I want to avoid afternoon naps.

As I ponder -  
I miss my pet Toulouse. Just wish I could hold him and sleep right now. I am waiting to surround myself with dogs. The love and joy they spread is overwhelming. Your heart bursts and expands with love when you have a pet. Hope my wish of getting pets (dogs) comes true one fine day. 

What I am learning - 
Learning to sit up straight. I have been slouching for ages and been getting massive back pain. I bend a lot while doing art, so my neck/ back hurts all the more. Hence I am consciously trying to sit up straight and rectify my posture.

What I am creating - 

Working on two art orders simultaneously which are due by end of this month. Pretty last minute but I am sure I will power through. 

What I am reading - 
The girl on the train by Paula Hawkins. Halfway through and loving it! Waiting to watch the movie too.

What I am watching - 
Considering watching the show called "24". 

What I am hearing - 
So many flies at home due to the rains! My God! It is driving me crazy. They are buzzing all the time. So currently the "buzzing" is all that I can hear.

Pictures I want to share -
Here is my beautiful wonderful Toulouse. This picture cropped up on my memories section on Facebook today. He is the cutest, most loving soul I know. (He was loving to me but he bit others)

I slept so peacefully when I held him..he never allowed anyone this close to him. Just me. He was all mine. 

My trip with family to Ganesh Gule where our resort had access to a beautiful isolated beach which was clean! (A clean beach is a rare thing to see in India) So I took a stick and started doodling away. Wondering when and where to plan my next trip!

What I am drinking - 
Just had hot tea along with a bowl of cheese balls and some Little Heart biscuits! The diet plan has gone out the window. Anyways I feel life is too short to not have junk food. 

What's happening in the kitchen - 
Vegetable Kofta with parathas is the dinner plan tonight.

A quote I want to share - 

Looking forward - 
To August! Want to wrap up my commissions and take a break for two months to concentrate on some personal artworks. Really need to create some art just for myself!

A peek into my week - 
Busy week as I need to wrap up my work. Waiting for the weekend to meet my Mum. Haven't seen her in like ten days!

A final thought - 
Life changes all the time. I always live in the past or in the future and then I end up missing out on the present. I am trying not to overthink and now focusing on living in the moment. 




  1. Drawing in the sand is awesome. That drawing of yours was a beauty. Love the picture with your dog. I haven't had a dog in years. Maybe soon!! I think it is good for all of us to try to live in the present. So hard to do at times!


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