Rainy Memoirs...

Greetings fellow humans.

How are you guys today? 

My diet has officially (kind off) begun. Yesterday I stuffed my face with countless "Melody" chocolates and two bowls of wafers. (Three bowls I think) But today I am sitting with my laptop along with a plate full of fruits. Lets see how long I can carry on without "deep-fried goodness" and sweets. July will solely be dedicated to low fat items, no cheese and no potato which is my favourite vegetable. And now I conclude the boring vege-talk. 

The rains are crazy. And I seem to have mixed feelings about it. On one hand it makes me dull and on the other hand I am loving the breeze while I blog in my dark bedroom. Can't believe I have to turn the tube lights on at 1:30pm.

These massive rains bring about a wonderful memory for me. And I think many can relate to it. Remember how the mad stormy rains would be a great reason for a holiday from school? I loved that. Getting ready in an ugly grey uniform, packing the snack box, cursing life since I had to wake up at 5:30 in the morning. Then it would pour like crazy and we would get to know that school has been called off! We then had a whole day to ourselves, full of possibilities! We would have breakfast and watch cartoons all day. Go downstairs, enjoy the rains and play with all the building friends. Probably order pizza since no matter what is happening in our country, the home delivery system is awesome. And Dominoes would make sure to give you your pizza no matter what. 
Afternoons were not wasted in naps but used "judiciously" for reading Tinkles and Archie comics.

Some days were even better, when we would go to school and before the first class would start, the P.A system would announce that due to the rains they are sending us home. The roar would be deafening. We would all rush back to the school bus and have the drive of our lives. We would play, scream, keep the windows open and get drenched, throw water on people passing by. (It was raining so how does it matter, they probably didn't even realise)

Shock the Mother back home. And convince her to make us some hot Maggi!

Those were golden days. Those were the treasures. I miss that feeling because today a rainy day is just like any other day.  

In fact today we are off for some bowling. (which I love)

But all I wish this minute is having someone home with me sharing a bowl of hot Maggi while we watch the rain pour away.



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