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Some weekend brooding...


7.35 pm: K is back from office and for reasons best known to him, has taken my mobile and downloaded a game called "Bowling King". While he is digitally bowling, I am taking an Ink art tutorial on Youtube. I want to make it a point to study art online every week at least two times. 


Watched two movies back to back. Sultan and Secret life of pets. Both are superb. Sultan is surprisingly a good movie. I had zero expectations from Salman Khan, but he has acted well and it had a great story. 

Secret life of pets completely melted my heart. I have been missing Toulouse a lot lately (I always do). Seeing the movie made me tear up all the time. Actually seeing anything remotely related to any pet and I start crying. So basically I am a human hosepipe and I do not see that ever changing. 

K and I were talking and he said that when you had him, all you wanted was to be with me, go out, travel,etc. And now when you have me and everything else, all you want is him. It just struck me hard. It is so true. When I had Toulouse, I was busy with life, relationships, my art, future and what not. I was busy dreaming of marriage, family and travelling the world. After I lost him, all I wished was for him to come back. I could give up on anything if there was a way for him to return to me. I found a wonderful picture depicting the relationship between the owner and the pet. He was my life but yes,obviously I had other things to do. But for them, you are their whole world. 


I love the picture. And I miss him more. (Ignore the "real karishma kapoor" tag on top. I was too lazy to edit this screenshot and yes, I stalk every celebrity)

Post all the possible movies and all the possible junk food, K and I proceeded to one of his favourite places, Banana Leaf. It's a nice place with great South Indian food. Opposite our table there was a couple with a small boy. He must be around three years old. The parents were a little busy with their food and must have taken their eyes off their kid for like a minute. In that one minute the child put his hand into a tower fan next to their table which had metal wings. That too rusted metal wings. The child got badly hurt but luckily his fingers were okay. The reaction of both the parents were different. The mother held her son's hand tightly and silently cried. She then proceeded to distract him but I could still see the pain and fear on her face. It was like she felt the pain her son went through. The father on the other hand called the manager and blasted him. He said if his son would have lost his hand or finger, he would make sure the place shut down. Guess there are different ways to express love. You either panic and hurt, or else you just blast someone. The father pointed out that fifty percent is his responsibility to take care but other fifty percent is the restaurant's responsibility to make sure such dangerous rusted fans are not kept near the tables. 

This was a debatable topic for us. K felt parents can't blame the restaurant.  They should take care of their kids or else not come here. My point was that yes, it is the parents responsibility solely, but no restaurant can have dangerous rusted metal fans that can cut not just a kid's hand but ours too. The way the man reacted was out of fear that his child could have lost his fingers. So he is not wrong. Wouldn't we all react like this?

11:51 am - A lazy day. Wish I could just relax and do my art but some guests are coming over and then K and I have to head for a wedding. Seeing my parents today, so yay! It's my Dad's birthday tomorrow! Mom must be making Besan Ladoos right now which is the annual ritual at the Karnik household. Every year on 11th July, Dad just wants one gift from Mom. Besan ladoos!

11:54 am  - K again for the reasons best known to him, has downloaded Pokemon Go, some new game that has gone viral over the internet and has caused accidents (crazy right). He is busy figuring it out while I choose to blog my weekend. Men. Weird creatures.

Back to life. Peace.


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