Mundane Mondays and mandalas....


11:30 am: K is busy playing games on his mobile while sipping on hot "kadha" since he as usual has throat ache. The "kadha" is a Mehta invention made from herbs and spices which I have excelled at now since I make it often for my coughing/sneezing husband.

11:40 am: K is suddenly feeling well and is packing his bag to have a three hour gym workout. Sigh. Why are some men extreme when it comes to fitness? Why he needs three hours every weekend to "gym" is beyond me. He recently told me that Parineeti Chopra got her six pack abs by contouring. (Some make up style)
Wow. He really is keeping up with Parineeti Chopra's abs.

12 pm: K didn't end up going to the gym. He got lazy and we napped away.


11:05 am: All house tasks completed, I now have time to open my laptop and blog. I have loads on my plate today. 

To Do list- 

  • Call electrician to get some lights fixed.
  • Work on my commission.
  • Draft some mails to clients.
  • Blog post.
  • Attend Gaur Gopal Prabhu's lecture in the evening.

"Dil" has registered the complete Mehta family to attend twelve lectures by Gaur Gopal Prabhu. He is a spiritual leader who discusses philosophy of life using a lot of humour. Thus twice a week, all of us have to head to the Iskon temple. Let's see how it turns out. Will definitely post about it if its interesting. 

I recently made a black and gold "Alhamdulilah" mandala. It was such a joy creating it. I took a brush in my hand after fifteen years. I really need to practise more and get better. Alhamdulilah means that every praise is for God. Whatever we are is by the grace of God. 

It took me over twenty hours to create this. 

I am so sleepy right now, plus it's all dull and windy today. Some days it is so difficult to wake up and live your routine life. Today is such a day for me I guess. I just could not open my eyes and was too bored about everything. I can't wait to start sketching now. Will start my commission in sometime. I had entered this mandala in a small Instagram contest yesterday which I sadly didn't win. Was a little disappointed since I worked really hard on it but who doesn't work hard. There is so much talent out there that sometimes it is scary. Scary that you have to go a long way to be the best in your field. I guess there are insecurities in every field. And probably there is no such thing as being the best. Maybe you just have to keep growing and do whatever you want as long as it makes you happy. I used to worry too much when I would see other artists creating great work. Sometimes I create such ugly drawings that it makes me question myself as an artist. K always tells me that it is not necessary that whatever you create will be a masterpiece.  I think it's true but still we always want to make something beautiful and probably better than our last art work. 

I guess some days I just have to push myself harder and believe a little bit in myself. Believe that I will grow and be a good artist one day as long as I practise and work hard.

That's all for now.


  1. You have achieved so much! Revel in that. Don't look above you, look below you too. Many are struggling to achieve what you have.All the best!Good going!

    1. You are completely right :) Thank you so much. I should look below too and be grateful for where I have reached. :)

  2. Your creation is stunning. Hope your week is great!!


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