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Of booties and travel sprinkled with some cinnamon sugar......


Beat pe booty, beat pe booty, beat pe booootyyy....

11:00 pm- I am dancing on this song as if I am Tiger Shroff. The song has gone viral and people all over India are posting videos of themselves dancing on the beats. I want to spare people from the vision of me dancing, which trust me is horrendous and only meant for K's eyes, hence I shall not be uploading any video.
 By the way there is a video of me dancing on Madonna's song in college which is posted on You tube by The Sibling. Of course no one can find it since literally not a single soul knows what the video is called and I am hoping that the Sibling has forgotten about it. Also I am dancing with a bunch of girls, our faces painted white along with silver masks and fishnet stockings. (Don't ask why)

11:41 am - Our Paryushan has started, which is an eight day religious festival for Jains. Just got back from doing Puja in the temple and now relaxing before I hit my commissions. Its been a very rainy weekend and finally the sun is shining a bit today. 

September is starting and I am super excited. It's like all the work till December is chalked out for me. I have to create any new art pieces, finish all my orders which are running up to the end of this year, participate in Inktober (art challenge of october), join kickboxing and then December I am off to Dharamshala!

I have this weird greed for travel. Honestly it drives K mad that I always want to go somewhere every alternate month. But I am glad he shares the same love and thirst to see the world, little by little. 

Talking about travel, my friend wrote this cute post about a warm gesture and joy she spread when she travels. 

Here's the article : Mayaa gone missing (blog post)

Basically it is about giving a small token that defines you/your culture while you are travelling to someone.
 Since when we travel we end up meeting so many different people. We encounter kindness, we strike a bond or just get along with random people. So she has created a goody bag to spread around and give it to people who kind off make a mark on her when she travels. Her goody bag token is filled with stuff like Saffron spice mix, tea, bindis, trinkets, music, art work, etc. All her tokens showcase the beauty and culture of India. 

It is such a lovely gesture to spread joy and kindness. Why not leave behind some sparkle wherever you go?

We end up meeting such lovely people when we travel. It would have been so amazing if I had some token to give them for being so nice. I still have to put some thought into creating the travel token. Guess I can add some postcards/stickers of my art, the art can be India themed. probably a bookmark too. I don't know. Yet to think this through. Any suggestions? 

So that's all for now. Here are some pictures of last week...

Loved the ambience of Play lounge in Town. We had gone there for our three year anniversary. Loved the whole purple lights theme. Lovely place!

These waffles look deceptively good but it was bad. Dry actually. But I dipped them in cinnamon sugar and ate it. And just like that it became the best thing ever!!

I made a simple doodle of a peacock feather. 

Any ways, have loads of work now. 


  1. I love your simple doodle of a peacock feather. Do you make stickers of your artwork? Very talented indeed!

    1. Thank u! Yea m thinking of creating stickers of my artwork! Even bookmarks.. 😁


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