Thick skinned, chubby cheeks and some Brinjals...

So K recently exclaimed that my face is looking "thick".

Okay. Husbands with time I feel lose the sense to understand what are "acceptable" terms to be used with their wives. Sometime ago while we were talking on the phone, I by mistake put him on hold. The problem with touch phones these days are that even your cheek can result in various mishaps. Thanks to your cheeks, you end up calling random people or end up cutting on those whom you are talking to. 

When this happened, he said, "Your cheeks are becoming fat."

Men. You cannot use the words thick, fat or chubby with women. Especially not on your anniversary. K and I complete three years today. Happy 3 years K. Even though I am "thick", I will still choose to be with you always and there is no one else I would be with in this circus called Life. 

So my topic today is the inevitable weight gain that happens post marriage or lets say, when you start ageing. (Basically, when you are not 25 anymore)

Gone are the times when I could eat two bags of chips, countless Five Star bars and many glasses of Coke without any change in my body. Years ago I was blessed with a fabulous metabolism and low appetite. Now the times have reversed with me eating like a hog and the metabolism slowly drifting away into oblivion. I used to be proud when I wore XS sized clothes and petite tops. I have now reached the size M and sometimes even L when I want to wear a baggy T-shirt. Plus when you are a tiny person (5ft) even ten grams weight gain can make you look "healthy". Suddenly you are not a skinny girl anymore. But a "healthy" woman! 

And now, after marrying into a "Gujju" family, that comprises of deep fried-ghee stuffed-fatty foods, I must have put on God knows how many kilos. (Five kgs to be precise)
While I reason out saying "Marital happiness" is the reason for my weight gain, honestly my heart knows and so does my body that it's all the tacos, samosas, bhajiyas, cheese, chips and chocolates that are piling away layer by layer on me. The problem is I don't even stop eating. I eat it all and then feel guilty. That's it. I just "feel" guilty and do nothing about it. 

Yesterday I had a massive sugar craving and gorged on ten jalebis. Deep fried and sugar coated. Damn. Plus I then took a long long nap. When Mother found out she blasted me. 
Mother - "All your face cuts will go Tanvi! Go walk right now!"

I ran down to exercise and burn some calories off. But then it started to rain so I came back up and ate a chocolate cake. 

That's it. I have a problem. Which sane person does this. And who eats ten jalebis in one go!

I am blessed with a Karnik body structure. (Not really a blessing)
 We tend to gain weight on the top portion but still kind off keep our chicken legs which are thin and stick like. Thanks to this, I end up looking like an upside-down brinjal (eggplant).

Today to redeem myself from the jalebi mishap yesterday, I went for a sixty minute frantic walk. I desperately called a kickboxing instructor four to five times today.  I ate less for my lunch. I did not touch the chocolate cake and jalebis in the fridge.
I shall even be joining Yoga classes in September. (Please pray that I actually do it)

It's time to go back to being a Carrot or a Ladyfinger. I don't want to be a Brinjal anymore.



  1. I think women need to reach for the goal of "stop worrying about the weight". Its the happiness in life that counts. All that food you described sounds luscious to me. I no longer worry about how fat I have become!!

    1. Thanks Paula. I understand..but m aiming for eating healthy and being fit.. 😄

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.


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