A buttered toast

One of my favourite breakfasts is having a plain buttered toast with tea. Just give me a steaming hot mug of tea, two slices of slightly toasted butter bread and I am the happiest person on this planet.


I don't know when I must have had it first, but each time I have it, I am transferred down the memory lane to a sweet time I remember with my mom. I must be around five years old when Mother gave me my first important "grown-up" task. It was nearly tea time and there were no biscuits in the house. So my Mom entrusted me with the task to go and get biscuits for us. There was a very tiny shop down my building, just by the gate. It served basic essentials like eggs, tea, biscuits and bread I guess. I walked to the shop feeling all important carrying a few bucks and went to purchase. As I started walking back towards home, I heard Mother shouting something from our fifth floor flat. 

"Not bread!! I said get biscuits!!!"

I looked down with a sinking feeling and saw a packet of bread in my hands instead of biscuit. I had by mistake purchased bread. A five year old will not understand the concept of returning something so Mother just told me to come home. 

Mother then toasted the bread with some butter and we had it with tea. And I loved it. 

For some reason this memory is etched into heart. Each time I eat toast with tea I remember this. One bite is enough to take me back to that time where I was walking home with the bread and Mother toasting it for me. 

We think that children do not remember much but some memories are so strongly ingrained that they stay forever. Have you guys seen Ratatouille? One of my favourite animated movies.
It has a similar shot towards the end where the critic tastes a particular dish and it immediate takes him back to the time his mother would cook for him. I guess we all at some point must have felt this.


Certain tastes are so heavily etched into your system that all you need is one bite to remember those fond memories. 

For me it is a buttered toast.



  1. I have buttered toast every morning with my coffee!!


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