Because Mommy hates my eyebrows......

I hate this weather. It's all wet and weird. I am so surprised at myself for nearly finishing my commissions for September. Alongside I even managed to watch two movies. I had decided to watch them only on the completion of my work as a "treat", but well I just cannot say no to a movie night with K. Actually I cannot say no to anyone when it comes to watching a movie. So I ended up watching Freaky Ali which sucked. And Pink which did not suck at all. What a movie!

I called the "Mother" to discuss Pink and the seriousness it showcased about the way women are judged in the Indian society. After ranting for a couple of minutes about how we are perceived and shackled with responsibilities and judgements, she replies -
 "Have you done your eyebrows?"

Now my eyebrows are currently a crisis for my Mother. The fact that her daughter has disregarded the importance of physical maintenance is shocking for her. Since I have been piled this month with maddening work along with various other activities that I have managed to squish into my week, I have had no time at all to visit the parlour. First world problems right?

My over grown eyebrows has been a major topic between us over the last two weeks.Actually it has been a source of discord.
 Yesterday when I had gone out for my acupressure therapy and some "home" shopping, I called my "loving Mother" for a nice talk to update her about the happenings in my life. My hand was strapped with tapes holding millions of seeds to press important nerves. (Don't ask, I don't understand the science of acupressure).

I started talking about the tasks I have to still do, the way my commissions are going and how tired I was.
Mommy dearest replies - "Have you done your eyebrows?"


No Mom. Not yet.

Dead silence.

I continue telling her about an important art meeting that I have to go for at a nice hotel this weekend.

*Thunder strikes* (Thunder being the Mother)

Now no need to describe how she shouted, but well I have to go and "beautify" myself any how in the next few days. Not just that, she is tired of seeing me in my spectacles and a messy bun, so when I meet her in a couple of days, she wants me nicely dressed minus the glasses and hair neatly combed.

She also wants me to get a haircut and has also exclaimed that I need to shop plus update my wardrobe.

So yes. Mother will never discuss vegetables and food with me but my eyebrows are of utmost importance to her.

Love my Mother!



  1. I find it interesting that you and your mother discussed how Indian women are treated and then she is concerned with your 'eyebrows'. Thanks for sharing!!

    1. thanks Paula...looking forward for your life list..


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