Being all "wonder-womanly" on a not so wondrous monday.......


Monday's suck. 

I have a dead line, so much work and I am yet to start. I am suppose to pull off seven illustrations in two weeks. As usual I have left things last minute and now I am in a state of crazed panic. Can I run away to the mountains? No. Can I just pack a bag and backpack around Europe right now? No

 I have a house to look after, a husband to feed, lectures to attend, kickboxing to do along with getting all "acupressure-ized" twice a week. And now no amount of tea and re-runs of Friends can help me charge up or calm me. I just have to buck up, pull some all-nighters and work!

Mother calls me "wonder woman". But well, all Moms think that their daughters are wonder women. (Mom, I love it when you call me that!)

I love being busy. I always want to be busy. (My definition of busy - lots of tea, lots of art and lots of books)
But right now I just want to read my Harry Potter. 
Should I? Maybe for ten minutes I can. Along with another cup of tea. 

Okay, tonight I will stay up late and work! (I am already yawning, damn)

On a better note, I watched two movies yesterday. No amount of work stress can make me not watch a movie. So we went for Sully and Baar Baar Dekho.

Baar Baar Dekho wasn't too great but had a wonderful message. It teaches us to live every moment and concentrate on your present. We all are too hassled about the past or the future. But what is important is "this moment". We have to try to live each day extraordinarily and find happiness in every tiny moment of life. Not an easy feat, I know. But worth trying. I won't discuss this movie much because the Mother will kill me.
 (My parents found the movie stupid. Dad slept. Mom was impassive and upset since she dropped a whole tub of caramel popcorn. K and I found it okay)

Sully was brilliant! A must watch! 

Next on my list is Pink and Freaky Ali. But I will only see this once my work is done! A treat for myself on the completion of all my commissions. Also awaiting Bridget Jones Baby!

On a "sweeter" note, never have a lemon-chilli macaroon, its a very weird flavor. And do not have tea with it since you cannot taste the tea when you are having something overly sweet. 
This was one overly sweet splotched up macaroon.

That's all for now. Off for another cup of tea! 



  1. I used to not like Mondays but now that I am retired I love Mondays. I am glad for the peace when everyone else leaves the house on Monday. I look forward to seeing Sully!


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