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Inky marks all the way and turning over a not-so-new leaf.........


11;05 pm - Reading some wonderful blog posts, chatting with R (she calls herself "my bitter-half"), doing my commission research on the side and waiting for K. 
K has decided to go for a walk like a lunatic at this ungodly hour. Who walks at 11 pm! Who!  Actually I am sorry, correction- he is not a lunatic. He is the best! (Have to say something nice about him since he is my number one blog reader/fan/critic/husband and continuously keeps a tab on what I post)
I would have joined him for a walk, but my legs are sore.
You know why?
Because I finally joined kick boxing classes! Plus for the past one week I have been walking 6 kms everyday! Okay, that is an exaggeration. Three to four times this week I guess.
 First step towards pseudo-fitness. (Let's see how long it lasts).
To celebrate this  wondrous change in me I hogged five jalebis. Why the hell is a Gujju house filled with sweets! 
Mohan thal, mysore pakh, barfis, jalebis, sattas, etc.You name it and we have it!
 (If you don't know these sweets then go google them, it's worth knowing them)

I have so much work piled on me and an urgent quick order to give in one day which I have taken upon myself because I am Wonder Woman. Actually no. I am just someone who can't say no when anyone wants my art. Art is so special and I love spreading it around, so I always take every order to make people happy. No matter how short I am on time, or how crazy my mood is! Unless I really can't do it, then I feel so sad and guilty to say a no. But overall I love spreading my Ink Tales every where I go. Many homes right now, hold my Ink Tales in their cosy homes. Glad to spread my mark around little by little. One ink stroke at a time I say. Something to be grateful for. Thank you God/Universe.

On a happier note, guess what! 

In my previous posts if you remember, I complained that I lost my precious/treasured/love-it-to-death Harry Potter book. (1/7) Well, I found it! I thought I left it in the cab, but turns out it was stuffed in one of my shopping bags which were lying around the room for ages and I had not bothered to open. I must have stuffed it in the bag when I was cleaning the room. That's what I do. When I am cleaning and am extremely bored, I just chuck everything that is lying around in one big bag. I then go ahead and hide that big bag some where. Done! The room is clean! 

That's all for now. Here are some pictures. I will surely start putting more pictures soon. 

Since we share our wall with a wonderful Jain temple, it's a lovely sight to see as its all lit up due to Paryushan (Jain festival). 


And here is my layout for the week I had created. Still trying my best to beautify my planner and obviously stick to it. Thankfully I have followed it properly this week. Had a full floral/panda theme going on. Is anyone else working on their planner? It truly is satisfying to create and follow through. Do try it out. 


                                                                                    Chop Chop.


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