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12:00 am:

I am sleepy and dizzy from all the intricate artwork I have been doing. I am also very badly craving the potato chips kept in the hall. I am trying my best to not eat them. Over the past one month I have diligently done my kick boxing, avoided cheese and been trying to eat "healthy". Of course I have been junking as usual. Been gorging on macaroons, rasgullahs and occasionally some potato chips. But over all I am happy that I am trying to be fit, tone up and eat well. 

My energy levels have gone up due to the rigorous exercise routines and I guess due to that I am able to multi-task my house/work/other-crap. 


11:45 am- It took me half an hour to get out of my lane. The lane actually is so small and on non-traffic days I cross it in exactly two minutes. I was so frustrated. Today I hated Mumbai with all my heart. I hate the pollution, I hate the traffic, I hate this rat race and sometimes I hate the people. I saw an apple vendor put his hand down his pants, oblivious to people around and then is proceeding with his apple selling. Today I also felt that I do not want to buy or eat anything on the road. 

So yes. All in all I was just annoyed with life in Mumbai today. Don't get me wrong, I love my city. Just some days the traffic, people and life here gets to you. I asked my Uber (cab) driver that how does he do this everyday. How can he possible drive in this city. He told me that yesterday he had to drop a customer from Dadar to Kandivli. A 1/1.5 hour distance via highway, it took him nearly five hours. 

Traffic and pollution has made it a mess here. Sometimes I really want to leave this city and stay else where. But with family and work all rooted here, it is impossible to leave. 

12:15 pm - I am nicely getting electrocuted in my therapy. I am wondering where to look as on one side there is a cycle on fire. (Yes, literally) Someone has actually lit a cycle on fire and I have no idea why. And it is one shop away from where I am. On the other side there is a boy going through the process called "cups". Now cups has become a trend lately where many plastic cups are attached to your body which then creates vacuum to suck your skin out. It is known to give pain relief, but it is not at all a pretty sight. I freaked out when I saw it and have refused to do it. My acupressurist told me to try it but I have zero guts I guess. I don't know how to react when I see two-yr old kids doing it too but I just cant. I cannot even watch it. So I decide to just look ahead. 
There is a lady staring at me. People are weird. She just couldn't stop staring. I started playing with my hair clip, so now she is staring at my hair clip. 
Thus now I am trying to meditate.

6:22 pm- I have countless questions about morals and religions so I keep pestering my Mil about it. She told me that she had a great collection of mini books which will answer all my questions but she needs to look for them. 
Poof! She found those books today. 
So now Mil and I are going to read away all her books one by one. They are all those old time stories that had lovely morals and information about our culture. 

K and I have a wonderful idea for Inktober which is the annual ink illustration challenge that happens all over the world in October. Honestly I hope I can pull it off but I am wondering if I should just take it easy this month and rest. But it's okay. I now have a new motto in life.

  Work hard, travel harder. 

I work now only to save up and travel and I love my new purpose. I was speaking to a close friend of mine yesterday and she told me something really profound, "We are on Earth for a limited time, so I want to walk on each and every place of this planet." So true. Her travel adventures are inspiring.  

That's all from my end today, hope you guys are having a nice day and are not stuck in the Mumbai traffic. 

Here are some pictures from my weekend...

My hunt for superb macaroons continues and I tried two amazing flavours. One is Rose and the other was Mint Chocolate. Do go to La Folie Lab in Bandra and try their desserts. Amazing place! One of my life goal is to go to Paris and have every kind of macaroon that exists! 

A lovely shot by R of the cafe. Mumbai looks like a quaint pretty city sometimes. I admit that Mumbai sometimes is beautiful. I love my city minus the traffic/pollution.

The cafe had it's own herb garden. You know there was a time I thought that I would give gardening a shot. But when Mil told me the amount of work that goes into it, I don't think I will venture into it. There are as it is too many vegetables in my life, so I guess I don't need to start growing them now. 



  1. Oh my goodness. I am glad I don't have to travel in traffic like that. I am not a patient enough person. I have heard about cupping but don't think I would have the nerve to try it either!! I love reading about your life!!

    1. Hahaha. Thanks!! I love to write about my life 😂


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