An arty absence later.........

A very long absence. I know.

It had been a tough couple of days. Maid problems, family member ill and massive deadlines. I do not know how I sailed through it but finally things have settled. Life is a funny graph. Up, down, high and low. Keeps changing.

As of now my happiness levels are on the rise as I am home for ten days! Since K is out of town for two week for work, I have come home for a very "very" well deserved break! So Yay!!
Did you notice the over use of exclamation marks? Well that's how excited I am!

8:25 pm - I am annoying the Mother by singing songs in my famous nasal voice. I am basically taking revenge as yesterday she made me watch two very scary movies. Okay, so one fact about me. I was a sucker for horror. I could watch any scary movie all alone with my room lights shut. Since I married K, for the eleven months of our marriage I have not seen anything remotely scary. Why? Well K cannot watch horror. And since we always watch stuff together, I do not end up watching horror. He does not let me play anything horrifying when he is around. So as time went, my threshold for horror vanished away.

So when Mother made me watch "The Shallows" which is about sharks and crazy water I suffer many panic attacks. She then made me watch "Dont breathe" about some very weird old mad man and my heart rates refused to come back to normal. She also wanted me to watch "Parched" which is about women abused in Rajasthan but I knew my heart wouldn't sustain so I just decided to sleep off.

I have a very major event regarding my art coming up and have been madly busy in that. Some how I had to pull over ten to fifteen art works this month and I am really trying hard to reach my target. However something very disappointing happened. I was working on the biggest mandala ever made plainly of dots. Unfortunately I acted stupid and did not use any tools, thus the mandala now looks like a twisted tilted circle. I worked over fifteen hours on it and it was horrible to then watch it fail.


It looks decent here but trust me it's screwed and sadly I cannot display it for my upcoming event. This artwork tired me so much that it took me one day to just recover from the failure. But well that is life. Sometimes you fail miserable and sometimes you create something exceptional. I shall re-do this art work again and this time make sure it's perfect. 

I also started this new initiative called Black Box 10 by 10.


I started this initiative as a stress busting activity where I just doodle whatever I want on a ten by ten black box. I do not care how it looks or what people say. We seem to depend too much on the appreciation we get on social media. And when we do not get that, it starts taking a toll. So I made this to just enjoy what I do, put it up and not care whether any one likes it or not. I have opened this on Instagram and go by the name Blackbox10by10

Trust me I still have loads to vent out, loads to share and some great news to announce. Will do so in the next post as I have to get back to work now! 

That's all for now. Will write again tomorrow. I promise. 


  1. I have often felt I over-use exclamation marks!!! But, oh well! I love your artwork. You are much too hard on yourself!!

    1. Thank u so much Paula. 😁 Yes..i am too hard sometimes..just want to strive to be better

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.


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