An over rated adulthood and some computer games...

Father has a new pet.

It's a crow.

Every morning it comes to the window and waits for Father to give him cheese. Yes. Cheese is the only thing the crow wants. To get him to try other food, Father actually grated cheese and mixed it with rice. The crow smartly just ate the grated cheese and left the rice. 

Father specially went to the market and got a huge packet of Amul cheese to feed the crow. That's one lucky crow.

Can I rewind? I want to be a kid again when all thoughts would revolve around school, computer games and junk food. Thoughts about what game to play in the evening, or how could I annoy the Sibling. Or what chocolate I want. Those were the immediate goals and priorities. I miss that.

I was watching a movie with Mother when the trailer for Lion King came on. That instantly to us to the Lion King game we played on the computer for hours. So Mother, Sibling and I were like a team. Every game we played together, or we watched the other play it.

Some of our favorite games were...

Doom - Weird graphics, random beasts and countless weapons. We just had to keep shooting stuff. And if your ammo was over, I remember using a saw to kill people!

Hocus Pocus - One of our favorites! Collecting gems, making potions, all about magic. Wonderful game. 

Lion King. Brilliant! Especially collecting and eating bugs!

Alladin. Another brilliant one! Jumping on camels and eating apples.

Need for Speed

Road Rash - I loved kicking and hurting other bikers. (I am evil)

These were our favourite as kids. Always competing, always trying to break scores, always helping each other pass levels. When life was simpler and easy. When problems were about who has the top score right now and how to beat them.

Good times. 

Why do we have to grow up so fast?
 Being an adult is over rated. It's way awesome to be a kid. 



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