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A day of sunsets, wishes and winds.

11:44 am - Finally everything wrapped and little free for myself. Getting a splitting headache, well since I am piled with work. And when I have too many orders and crazy deadlines, they all manifest into recurrent headaches. (Go away Cortisol!)

Will pop a crocin since I have no time for these "common problems" right now. I have to start the next commission, go out to meet a friend, home stuff and what not. 

I had an incredibly wonderful day yesterday. I took a whole day off just for myself, for a change. I have been so busy like every woman I guess, playing so many different roles that I don't remember the last time that I took a day off to just do what I want to do. I thoroughly miss my "chill" time of tea, books, heading out to meet my friends and basically not having any responsibility or deadline hovering over me.  

So I reached a brink yesterday and finally decided that I am now going to head out for a full day. I needed a break and more than anything I need…

Weekend whisperings...

Hi Peeps.
I have had one of my best/perfect ever weekends. K and I celebrated our anniversary at Alibaug. We went to a wonderful resort that was really quaint and pretty.  U Tropicana is a huge property and less rooms. Hence it's not too crowded, so a nice place to go for privacy and most importantly some peace.
K was happily cycling away which I ran behind him as my pants were too tight to cycle. Plus I was wearing heels, so couldn't cycle even if I wanted to. 

The nights are the best here. Every room has this view and a seating area to enjoy. So full night we sat outside listening to music. Actually it was very cold there at night. Guess winter is everywhere, except for Mumbai.
Apart from lights, I capture a lot of doors and windows. Actually I love capturing each and everything.

So quiet and peaceful.
We also tried out a new place there called Boardwalk by Flamboyant. A superb place with a superb view. We had driven to Alibaug, but if you just want a visit this place for few hours…

Daddy's biscuits....

When I was a kid, I used to be very talkative. I still am. I used to be destructive, I broke each and every toy of mine. I troubled the Sibling. I also had a weird habit of stripping my Barbie dolls and keeping them on the shelves naked. I really do not know why and lets not even wonder why.

Father and I were home alone one day. I guess I must be annoying him, so he devised a new game. I guess all kids and every parent is familiar with the game called "Silent game". The kid is told to be silent and if they sit quietly for a very long time, they shall get a gift. I think every kid falls for this game and years later they actually understand what it means.

Father tells me that if I sit quietly in front of our home temple for half an hour, God will give me a gift. I got so excited that I believed him and sat for a straight half hour without talking, moving or thinking. I guess that must be my first experience of meditation, though I had no clue what I was doing. I remember gettin…

Weekend chilling along some lights...


"If I eat myself and stop midway do I become half or do I double?"

K loves reading random things online such as the above and then wants my opinion on them. 
What do I say to this?
We had gone to Lighthouse cafe for dinner and the ambience truly stands up to it's name. The place is filled with a gazillion lights. 

The food and drinks were okay but the best part about this place, apart from it's lights was the staff service. A must go place for it's ambience and wonderful customer care. You can just grab a few starters and enjoy a drink here. 
Saturday -
 Home bound to chill with the Karniks.  The AC repair guy has come.
Father dearest - "What is your name" AC guy - Taj Father dearest - "So now I do not have to go anywhere, Taj itself has come to my house."
Wow. I am rendered speechless with my daddy's jokes. He cracks too many weird ones. 
Sunday - 
Have to go for my friend's exhibition. Today I intend to try the Philips air-fryer. My love f…

Of Modi's and mints...

"Get cash" said my Beautician.

From where, the sky? I retorted angrily. 

Cash has become a huge problem right now. Modi's move is great but it has affected the common man's life very badly. Can you believe it, tomorrow I have an appointment with my beautician and for a meagre amount I have to shell out a cheque since I do not have any cash on me right now. 

I want to go to Pune to visit my Grand Mom and sadly I have no money to pay for the taxi. I doubt that particular fellow whom we contact takes any card payment. So basically we all are stuck. 

Moving on to other issues that I go through...

K has downloaded an app called "In shorts" or something like that in my phone. I am suppose to compulsorily read and study it. Why? K feels I have no idea what is happening in the world and I should know the basics. 

To be honest, he is right. I really don't have that much knowledge about the current happenings plus I truly do not care about "news", what is hap…

A wonderful sunday art brunch...

Last Sunday on 6th November I had my very first art event at Sofitel Hotel Bkc. I was invited by the hotel to display my art work and do a live doodle for an audience during their Sunday brunch. I remember being so nervous and stressed while preparing for this event. And now that it is over and my breathing patterns have returned to normal, it feels all simple now and I am totally comfortable doing more such events. 
Time is a funny thing. You are so anxious to face important life events and then somehow you effortlessly get through them. 
Sofitel Hotel is superb. I had my event at the Pondicherry cafe. Wonderful staff, lovely ambience and most of all great food. Now being vegetarians, it is difficult getting good food at 5-star hotels since the menu is always non-veg dominated. But I was pleasantly surprised to find so many items.  And it all tasted superb. To be very honest, it has been by far the best food I have tasted at any 5-star hotel. So I would definitely recommend the buffet …

Lights, love and some great news!

11:24 pm - K is playing Fifa whilst I blog. November has started, just two more months for 2016 to end. Time literally runs. And right now I am in utter panic. Yes. I am having massive panic attacks and anxiety. Yes, it happens to me all the time. And yes, I must have written about my anxiety/panic many times on my blog.

Why am I panicking? 

In four days I have my first ever solo art exhibition. This was something I have always dreamt of but didn't think it would happen soon. Sofitel Hotel in Bkc Mumbai has asked me to display my art at their hotel on 6th November. It's an art and brunch event. I am extremely excited for it and at the same time I am dying of nervousness. Everything is mostly ready, though my cards, brochures etc are yet to be sorted. I will also be doing a live demo. I think the idea of doing a live demo is what's freaking me out I guess. 

I am praying it all goes well. 
Diwali just got done and it was beautiful. Lights, rangoli, sweets, puja, traditions, sare…