A day of sunsets, wishes and winds.

11:44 am - Finally everything wrapped and little free for myself. Getting a splitting headache, well since I am piled with work. And when I have too many orders and crazy deadlines, they all manifest into recurrent headaches. (Go away Cortisol!)

Will pop a crocin since I have no time for these "common problems" right now. I have to start the next commission, go out to meet a friend, home stuff and what not. 

I had an incredibly wonderful day yesterday. I took a whole day off just for myself, for a change. I have been so busy like every woman I guess, playing so many different roles that I don't remember the last time that I took a day off to just do what I want to do. I thoroughly miss my "chill" time of tea, books, heading out to meet my friends and basically not having any responsibility or deadline hovering over me.  

So I reached a brink yesterday and finally decided that I am now going to head out for a full day. I needed a break and more than anything I needed my friend. So yes, I had a wonderful date yesterday with R and much needed time for myself. Conversations, freedom and space. Very important for everyone. Something we tend to forget when we get extremely busy in the routine of life. 

There are so many places in Mumbai itself that I have not explored. I do not think any Mumbai-kar must have seen the city in and out. So we went to see the Mount Mary church as I had never gone there. Prayers, winds and a massive number of candles later we went off to see the sunset at Bandstand. One of R's favorite places and mine too. I love every place from where I can see the sunset. Actually I  love nature. I find happiness in a garden, sitting on a bench. 

All in all, one of my best dates ever. R really manages to make me have a great time doing the simplest of things. 

Also made me realise that it is okay to take breaks and live for yourself. It is okay to leave aside everything for a while and do what makes you happy. It is okay to sometimes put yourself first. I have decided to do this often, probably once or twice a month, a day just for myself. 

A day of sunsets, wishes and winds. 

At Sassy Spoon. Fifty shades of pink.

Thanks R for the wonderful lilies!

Up we go to make our wish. At the Mount Mary church.

Sunset at Bandstand.

We went just a tad bit overboard for our wish.



  1. Hi Tanvi I love your blogs. The stories unfold wonderfully and come straight from heart...anyone can identify with these..keep writing.

    1. Thank you so much for the appreciation. Makes me want to write more :)

  2. Very interesting blog. A lot of blogs I see these days don't really provide anything that attract others, but I'm most definitely interested in this one. Just thought that I would post and let you know.

  3. Hey keep posting such good and meaningful articles.


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