A wonderful sunday art brunch...

Last Sunday on 6th November I had my very first art event at Sofitel Hotel Bkc. I was invited by the hotel to display my art work and do a live doodle for an audience during their Sunday brunch. I remember being so nervous and stressed while preparing for this event. And now that it is over and my breathing patterns have returned to normal, it feels all simple now and I am totally comfortable doing more such events. 

Time is a funny thing. You are so anxious to face important life events and then somehow you effortlessly get through them. 

Sofitel Hotel is superb. I had my event at the Pondicherry cafe. Wonderful staff, lovely ambience and most of all great food. Now being vegetarians, it is difficult getting good food at 5-star hotels since the menu is always non-veg dominated. But I was pleasantly surprised to find so many items.  And it all tasted superb. To be very honest, it has been by far the best food I have tasted at any 5-star hotel. So I would definitely recommend the buffet at Sofitel. It is completely worth it. 

Here are some pictures!

The display

Got a request to doodle on a Ukulele

Live demo on K's guitar

My mandala series

The awesome guest who wanted the doodle. 

Amazing brunch spread

Love for Momo's

So over all it was a wonderful Sunday. A big thank you to my entire family (Mehta's and Karnik's) who stood by me throughout! A big kiss to Daddy dearest, the Mother, the Sibling and my darling K!! The rocks of my life! Without you guys my nerves would have probably blasted in stress! 

Also a lot of love to all the people who were a part of my event. 



  1. Hope you had an excellent brunch and you have shared very useful information. Last month, arranged an art exhibition at one of local grand venues for corporate events Chicago. Glad to find such a beautiful venue for the event.


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