Daddy's biscuits....

When I was a kid, I used to be very talkative. I still am. I used to be destructive, I broke each and every toy of mine. I troubled the Sibling. I also had a weird habit of stripping my Barbie dolls and keeping them on the shelves naked. I really do not know why and lets not even wonder why.

Father and I were home alone one day. I guess I must be annoying him, so he devised a new game. I guess all kids and every parent is familiar with the game called "Silent game". The kid is told to be silent and if they sit quietly for a very long time, they shall get a gift. I think every kid falls for this game and years later they actually understand what it means.

Father tells me that if I sit quietly in front of our home temple for half an hour, God will give me a gift. I got so excited that I believed him and sat for a straight half hour without talking, moving or thinking. I guess that must be my first experience of meditation, though I had no clue what I was doing. I remember getting bitten by mosquitoes but I did not even move, in case God got angry and didn't give me my gift. 

Father did not even tell me when the time was up and I was finally losing patience. I must have sat that way for maybe an hour. When I finally opened my eyes, right in front of me was a packet of Bourbon biscuits. My joy knew no bounds. I actually thought that God himself has gifted me those biscuits. I danced around, told the Sibling how God gifted me these special biscuits and then ate them all. 

But the point of this post is not about the game I played but about how happy I got when I saw those biscuits. Those were simpler times when we got happy in gifts like biscuits, chocolates, pencil boxes, stationary, cakes, etc.

I remember my parents randomly getting pineapple cake (my favourite) one day and I got so excited that I ate countless pieces of them for breakfast. I remember how mad I went when Father got me my first pencil box, yellow in color with a transparent lid that has shiny stars on them. It broke the same day. I remember crying about it. 

I remember my first Parker ink pen which was a major step in my life as that meant that I have now gone into the 5th standard and I am all grown up. 

And now I wonder, when I have children, will they too find happiness in tiny things? Or will they see that and laugh, asking for a phone or an Ipad instead. Will they get excited about a yellow pencil box and a pineapple cake? 

All I can do is wonder and hope that I can raise them to find joy and happiness in all the tiny, beautiful moments of life.



  1. I should say something here :)
    Yes, the kids today are way luckier to the extent of the availability of material things to them. We have waited a lot more for small things and have "known their value" as so many people say. And it's a constant worry as to how they'll never find happiness in small things.
    Absolute bull. I do not disagree that it might happen, but if it did, it would be thanks to the parents.How enthusiastic your kid feels about something is in your hands.
    My daughter is 5 - she has seen more luxuries than I have ever, has more clothes and shoes than I have ever had. But whenever I pack one single kaju katli in her snack box - she thanks me like I am the best mother in the world. She also looks forward to that ONE thing she can pick at the super market - once a month - most of the time - a kinderjoy, or a small pack of gems. Point being, abundance doesn't mean no value - how you project it does.

    *End of gya, please excuse* :D

  2. haha. that is some good gyan. You have a point. Basically it is depends on how we raise our kids. I am not a mother yet, so I do not know. I just wonder that our times are changing and a very different form of peer pressures will crop up. Maybe when you are 5/6 years it will be okay, but as the kids grow and reach the teens, I do not know what happiness for them will mean. But I guess if we raise them to love the little joys of life, it should be good. :)


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