Lights, love and some great news!

11:24 pm - K is playing Fifa whilst I blog. November has started, just two more months for 2016 to end. Time literally runs. And right now I am in utter panic. Yes. I am having massive panic attacks and anxiety. Yes, it happens to me all the time. And yes, I must have written about my anxiety/panic many times on my blog.

Why am I panicking? 

In four days I have my first ever solo art exhibition. This was something I have always dreamt of but didn't think it would happen soon. Sofitel Hotel in Bkc Mumbai has asked me to display my art at their hotel on 6th November. It's an art and brunch event. I am extremely excited for it and at the same time I am dying of nervousness. Everything is mostly ready, though my cards, brochures etc are yet to be sorted. I will also be doing a live demo. I think the idea of doing a live demo is what's freaking me out I guess. 

I am praying it all goes well. 

Diwali just got done and it was beautiful. Lights, rangoli, sweets, puja, traditions, sarees, family, love, food and what not. I had a wonderful time with both my families this year. 

So wish you all a very Happy Diwali! Hope everyone had a lovely time! (Tiny ink sketch by me, have not got any time to sketch some tiny doodles due to Diwali)

Let there be light and love shining in our lives always.

This is the Mumbai airport beautifully lit up for Diwali.

This is the rangoli we made at the Mehta household. Took us three freaking hours!

But when a celebration gets over, it also brings about a sense of exhaustion. Along with all this I have an exhibition to plan for and then start working on all my pending commissions which I have kept on hold on account of this event. 

The break I wanted to take just doesn't seem to be working out. Maybe after the event I will take two to three days off to just watch some shows and read Harry Potter. Once refreshed I will get back to the grind. 

That's all for now peeps!



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