Weekend chilling along some lights...


"If I eat myself and stop midway do I become half or do I double?"

K loves reading random things online such as the above and then wants my opinion on them. 
What do I say to this?
We had gone to Lighthouse cafe for dinner and the ambience truly stands up to it's name. The place is filled with a gazillion lights. 


The food and drinks were okay but the best part about this place, apart from it's lights was the staff service. A must go place for it's ambience and wonderful customer care. You can just grab a few starters and enjoy a drink here. 

Saturday -

 Home bound to chill with the Karniks. 
The AC repair guy has come.

Father dearest - "What is your name"
AC guy - Taj
Father dearest - "So now I do not have to go anywhere, Taj itself has come to my house."

Wow. I am rendered speechless with my daddy's jokes. He cracks too many weird ones. 

Sunday - 

Have to go for my friend's exhibition. Today I intend to try the Philips air-fryer. My love for junk and fried food will never go I guess, so why not eat it in a "healthy" way. So let's see. Will be making french fries and kachoris in it. Hope they are eatable.

So that is all about my weekend. It has been all about food and family. Basically each day of my life is about food and family. My art work has piled on and I am yet to respond to my clients and start work. 

All in due time.

Some steals from my camera -

I pestered K to capture this as I did not not have phone on me. I have a tremendous affinity for lights. 

Peek a boo. Post acupressure picture clicking. 

Perks at the Karniks.

Just bead it.



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