Curious conversations...

Yesterday was a hectic day. Cooking, kickboxing, rushing for my art frames, lunch with parents, acupressure therapy, dinner preparations and then pulling a late night to finish my commission. In a midst of all this, I had two very funny conversations. One with my Uber driver and the other with my rickshaw driver. 

I was stuck in traffic yesterday and as always Mumbai was chaotic. I commented loudly about the traffic and how annoying Mumbai can be. That was the cue. From there on my Uber driver went on and on for a good half hour. 

UD (uber driver)- Madam, I just saw on YouTube. Jayalalitha has 750 sandals, 10,000 sarees, 28 kgs gold and lots of properties. Whom will it all go to?

Me - (wondering what video was this)

UD - Either her distant relatives will eat her money or the government.

We were then discussing all the good Jayalalithaa has done for her people. Which is truly commendable. Especially her Amma canteen and her products. In two rupees you get a meal!

UD - If that happened in Mumbai, even the rich people will go and eat there. 

As I left the cab, he very happily said "Nice to talk to you".

I then proceeded with my work, had an extremely heavy lunch with the parents and then left for my therapy. I love rickshaw rides and unfortunately I barely get to sit in them anymore. 

RD (rickshaw driver)- Madam, can I tell you something. 

Me - (Little freaked out)

RD - The mole you have above you lip. Even I had one.

Me - Umm, okay. (Positively more freaked out now)

RD - I tied a horse hair around it and then it went. 

He then was showing me the mark on his face where he used to have a mole. 

RD - You should take a strand of horse hair, tie it around the mole and you see! In one day the mole will go. 

Me - (More than freaking out I am now wondering that where would one get horse hair to purchase anyways, unless he plucked off one from a horse on the road.)

I was glad to reach my destination and ran off to do my therapy. I casually asked my acupressurist if its okay to have a mole. Should I get it checked? But he surpassed all. He said I am lucky to have a mole above my lip. It means I will always be blessed and get to eat good food.

Me - I guess that's true. That's why I got married into a Gujarati family. I am surrounded by too much food. 



  1. LOL! Let me know if you try the horse hair. That would have freaked me out too!

  2. Hey keep posting such good and meaningful articles.


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