Of art, flowers and a bowl of Maggi...

5:40 pm - K and I jut hogged two bowls of Maggi. Over the last three years of being together, this is what K has specially cooked for me. He claims that he will one fine day learn cooking and help me with the kitchen. (I don't see that ever happening)
 But till that happy moment arrives, I shall make do with the bowl of Maggi. 

I have just lazed around today and all I want to do is sleep. Yesterday I had a hectic day. Had gone all the way to Thane which is so freaking to check out the flower show. Now that flower show claims to be the biggest in Asia. I dont think so.
 I found it stupid. There were a few interesting flowers but nothing too amazing. And they had made weird displays of donkeys, elephants and other animals. They also made a toy train to ferry the people around. There was barely any space there and the train was taking up most of it. Plus just ferrying a few people halfway was enough to break it. So well, it broke. I mean, why even bother to make a freaking train there. Use that time and space to plant more flowers. Over all it was disappointing, but I am glad we atleast managed to get few good shots of the flowers. 

Even managed to click a photo for my Little Arts series.

Moving on from disappointing flower shows, I am so excited for my Christmas/New years break. This time next week I will be in Dharamshala! My trip number 3 of the year 2016. I have wrapped up my orders, just have one more to go which I will complete by tomorrow hopefully. 

I have some really great news to announce for 2017 which I will do so in my next post before I leave! 

Have a great sunday. Peace!
Here are some shots from my phone...

Some more from my Little Arts series...

Have been spotting a lot of parrots outside our window.

K gifted me this awesome Spirography set!! Loving it!!

These are some design I made with the set for my Black box 10 by 10 series.

Interesting display at a photo exhibition I attended yesterday.

That's all for now. Ciao.


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