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Listening to Kisi Se Pyar from Kaabil. A new song which is recreated from my all time favourite song Dil Kya Kare. However I am not allowed to play this in the car since K absolutely hates it. He doesn't even let me sing it. While K and I are similar to about 98%, the two percent difference is over our choice of music and Palak Paneer. I cannot stand it. It's such an ugly dish. I mean it is green. With white chunks. Yuck. Actually I don't like paneer that much, maybe that's why I hate the look of it.

So moving on from green food, today I shall be discussing all about mothers and their approach to medicine. 
Yes, I am sure you all agree that every "mummy" has her own way to deal with her child's sickness and other issues. Now I don't mean to stereotype, this is just out a jest.

Some mothers may think that any issue can be sorted if they make hot aloo parathas. Or some other form of food. Any food! Anything goes wrong and the table is filled with parathas, sweets, snacks, etc. Or say a good old bowl of Maggi.

A gujju mom, like my Mil at the Mehta household. We fall sick and she makes some sort of kada. Kada is a drink you make using natural ingredients. So basically anything goes wrong and they give you something to drink here. We have a soar throat, so a pudina kada is made. We have fever, she makes something amazing called "raab". I absolutely love that. It is a mixture of almonds, coconut, ghee, jaggery and some more stuff. It tastes superb and gives you a lot of energy. So I instantly get better after having it. 

Now this is not caste oriented. I just want to point out that every mom has her own unique bag of tricks to cure her baby.  (How does your Mom cure you?)

So my Mom. She is a character in her own way. My oddities and idiosyncrasies are because we share the same DNA. Mom or like I call her "Mother" in my posts, she feels the world can get cured with Crocin and the famous balm called Amrutanjan. Now anything happens to us, she puts amrutanjan balm on us and forces a crocin down our throats. We have a headache, the magical balm is rubbed on our head. Stomach ache, that goes on our stomach. Most of the times in our ears too and lately she has been putting them on our eyebrows. I had gone home for a couple of days and most of the nights I was getting headaches and nausea. I basically had a lot of anxiety regarding my art workshop so it manifested into headaches. Thus Mother applied balm on my eyebrows. And she tells me, "don't worry, you will feel better and get really good sleep"

Now I wanted to scream. I had just done my eyebrows that day and now the balm was burning me up! And due to the burning I couldn't keep my eyes open thus I slept off. But trust me, I slept extremely well!

I remember as a child, we had school really early. 6 am in the morning our bus would come to pick us up. In winters it was freezing. So what does my Mom do? Yes, she rubs amrutanjan on our legs! Can you believe that?! The Sibling and I would go to school smelling of Amrutanjan! Mind you, it did keep us warm. Though we got weird looks from the kids in our bus. 

Basically we get better not because of the burning balms or food or weird kadas. I guess we get better because of our Moms. One hug and we are okay. One tea session and all of life's problems just disappear. They have been with us through every bend of life. Through our schools, our annual days, our horrible tuitions, bullies, crushes, heartbreaks, attitudes, rebellions, and I can go on. 

They give up a lot in their life just so that they can be there for us. Through every wave of life. 
I think it is very true. The truest of all statements. 

"God could not be everywhere, so he created Mothers."

So thank you Mom, for always being there for me in every aspect of my life. And I shall be there for you too, always, even though you burn my eyebrows with Amrutanjan. 



  1. Blogging is the new poetry. I find it wonderful and amazing in many ways.

  2. Hey keep posting such good and meaningful articles.


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