Boredom and beat boxing along with some paneer......

La La Land songs playing in the background.

A light breakfast of cream cracker biscuits and tea.

Kickboxing class in a bit.

So much to do this week and yet I am bored. And I am bored because I miss not doing anything and getting bored. Now I am bored because I have too much to do and I want to do nothing. Do you get what I mean?

I get out four to five times a week and have suddenly become social in nature. Which is weird. I miss being the anti-social-indoor-loving-happy-drinking-endless-tea person. Now I am outdoor-loving-getting-bored-at-home-can-talk-to-fifty-people-without-suffering-an-anxiety-attack person.

I guess it's true that life with time changes you and makes you completely opposite to what you were. I think each year we become a new person. Retaining only certain attributes and imbibing hundred new ones. But I am not complaining. I love what I have become, though I miss the girl who would be happy in tea and sitting by the window with her pet. And now since there is no pet, there is no window and tea.

On a completely random note, I learnt how to make paneer. Can you believe it. Which girl today makes paneer at home man! Actually it's the easiest thing to make so I don't even feel like gloating about it. You just have to squeeze lemon in the milk, drain it out and tie it up in a cloth. Done. I then add sugar and elaichi and we have a tasty dessert ready. 

On a musical note, K has suddenly started to beat box in the night. I must give him credit for finding new ways to torment me every day. Actually not everyday, he is the best husband to be honest, but who beat boxes every night! Plus he has bought a new bengali instrument and keeps playing that. The instrument is an odd drum that has strings coming out of it. Another tormenting ritual at night. 

I guess the wife's madness slowly starts rubbing off on the husband. Right K? But it's a good life, to be weird together and find ways to bug each other. Like they say, "happiness is just us and our own definition of sanity".

That's all for now.



  1. Keep writing this blog...Its such a breath of fresh air to read this!..Dont know why I can relate to a lot of stuff!

  2. Hi, Really great effort. Everyone must read this article. Thanks for sharing.


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