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Of traversing and some antibiotics...

Five days of antibiotics and medicines later I am finally now a little okay to write a blog post. 

So I had a full blown ear infection which is finally better now. Still not completely okay and I hate antibiotics. Makes you all sick, dizzy and nauseous. But on a happier note I had a wonderful time in Pondicherry. 

Pondicherry was sure shot beautiful. But only the White town part of it. Otherwise I am not a fan of Tamil Nadu. It was hot and weird. The heat drains your energy and don't even get me started on the way people drive there. It makes Mumbai drivers look disciplined and tame. But coming to White Town, it was a lovely part of Pondicherry where you could glimpse the French architecture and little bit of their culture. We hopped around quaint cafes, sat by the sea, ate loads of amazing hand made chocolates and had the best ever time at Auroville. 

We stayed at Ocean Spray resort which was half hour away from White town. Ideally I would suggest booking a hotel in White Town itself since that is the main part of Pondicherry. I could not do that as everything was full. But nevertheless our resort was really nice and peaceful.

Pondicherry has some amazing places to eat. This was at the Lighthouse cafe at the Promenade. Cute place overlooking the light house and the sea. 

The highlight of our trip was Auroville. Pondicherry is incomplete without seeing this. A true marvel made out of gold chips. Shining away to glory. We also went inside the Matri Mandir which is a sight to see! I cannot explain in words how surreal it was. I can go there every day of my life, it is that beautiful inside. A calming lotus pond, a crystal ball that illuminates the whole room with one ray of sun light. Gorgeous. One of the best experiences of my life. Actually Dad and I were not that keen to go in. But the Mother pushed us for this and so glad she did! *Mother knows best* Always listen to your mother. (Sometimes)

All around White Town you can see lovely colourful buildings. This was the 

Eglise de notre Dame des Anges Church. Beautiful outside and inside.

Zuka Choco-laa Cafe. Best ever decision! Had the most amazing chocolates there. We had chocolate pakoras. Superb! Trust me if you go there and do not eat that, you are missing out on something really good.

My love for flowers is never ending. 

Serenity beach. Nothing new, just a regular beach to be honest. 

Mom's breakfast. Mom always prefers it when Dad and I order our food. Placing an order is like a task for her. But suddenly in Pondicherry she picked out her dishes and loved each and everything she ate.

Cafe Des Arts. 

While walking around town we randomly chanced upon a place selling hand made items and a team of artists sit there and create everything. They believe in zero waste so everything is made out of paper, sand dust, leaves etc. Here the women were making a lotus shaped table tray using a lotus leaf and paper. 
This is what I bought for my room. Lovely hand made origami bird hanging. 

Quiet moments.

Villa Shanti. Another lovely cafe.

More chocolates. 

After three days in Pondicherry we moved on to explore Mahabalipuram. It was nice though it was sad to see the way we have maintained our monuments. People were climbing on them, sitting on them to click pictures. Eating and littering around. It was heart wrenching. But the carvings were lovely. This was Arjuna's Penance. 

Shore temple. Our guide told us that there were around seven to eight temples along the shore. All went under the sea with time and only this one remained.

Yali. A symbol used by the Pallava dynasty. 

Our guide showed us that the deers on the carved wall of Arjuna's Penance was used as a symbol on our old ten rupee notes. 

Going all "touristy"

I don't think I have ever made my parents run around so much. Seeing nearly ten monuments in one day is not an easy feat. We took a guide. Always take a guide to such places. It's a different kind of fun talking to the locals. He showed us the best things and took us to the best restaurant there. 

Anyway so over all we had a great time. Looking forward to my next trip now!

Hope my ear is okay today, have a major Ink Doodle workshop tomorrow!



  1. Ah ear infections are the worst! Hope you are better today! Good to catch up with you again!!

  2. Very interesting blog. A lot of blogs I see these days don't really provide anything that attract others, but I'm most definitely interested in this one. Just thought that I would post and let you know.


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