In my purse...

Listening to Shape of you by Ed Sheeran while cooking Chole. Love this song and it's giving me good company whilst I quickly wrap up my homely chores. 

Today I will not rant about what all I am doing or how swamped I am in random crap, instead today I thought, let me dedicate a post to my purse. 

Now a woman's purse and what it contains truly tells you something about her. The contents of a woman's purse is always unique and you will never find another woman who has the same stuff as you. Her purse is her companion, stuffed with things that can keep her alive for a few days in case there is an apocalypse or a zombie attack. 

So here's a peek into my big fat purse. 

1- Three strips of Crocin and Pudin Hara. (I am not kidding) I am always having some sort of pain. If not head and back, I will suddenly have leg pain or some other random body part. So I just stock them up.

2- Countless hand written notes. Wherever I go, I write notes. I pick up a pen and start writing randomly on any surface I find, like tissues or coasters. They are all in my purse right now. 

3- Chocolates. Even though I am on a diet (seriously, I swear), I keep few chocolates handy just in case. Like what if my sugar drops and all. (It happens!)

4- Bills and receipts. I am too bored to clean my purse and throw them out. So it just keeps piling up.

5- Numerous rubber bands and clips. Because you just can't have enough of them and you always end up losing them. 

6- Sauf packets. You know the ones you get in restaurants. I collect them and keep them in my purse. (Weird, I know) But in case of any emergency I will at least have something to eat. 

7- Acupressure needles. Yes, when I was doing therapy, they would stick me with needles. Now I don't go but still keep the needles with me.  Good to use them if I want to attack someone, or poke K.

8- Rocks and shells. I collect mini trinkets wherever I go. For me all these little moments contain a lot of joy and have a sentimental value. So I collect rocks, shells, drink stirrers, coasters, tickets etc because memories are very special. Plus I have two to three rocks in my purse now and it's good to throw at someone too.

That's all from my purse.

What all is in yours?



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