New found love........

Apart from art and blogging, I love to do a lot of other things. Sometimes I wish that if a day had say thirty hours or there was an extra day in a week which was an off especially between Sunday and Monday, it would be great. 

So there are two things I just absolutely love doing apart from stuff like reading books and watching shows. (Currently I am hooked onto Vampire Diaries)
 I watch countless short movies whenever I get time, animated and regular. I get so mesmerised by how people showcase a lovely story in a span of ten minutes. Everyday I am trying to take some time out to watch at least two to three short movies. 

Check out this absolutely delightful animated short called "Sweet Cocoon" about two insects that decide to help a struggling caterpillar in her metamorphosis! Click on  - Sweet Cocoon
It's so sweet, trust me. These six minutes will make you laugh. I will keep sharing the movies I watch in my posts so you guys can watch them too, if you like short films that is.

I also read many many many personal blog articles of people out there wanting to know how their lives are going. I especially love reading about dogs, motherhood, general life, balancing work, marriage etc. 

So that's all about loving new things. Lately I have been so moody and bored. Wondering why my brain is not producing any serotonin. All I have in my system currently is cortisol. 
I just stress and overthink. As usual. We all do I guess. I have to plan my next workshop and work on my commission but just not finding the motivation to start. All I want to do is go out, watch movies, chill. Guess I need a break as always which is odd since I just had one in February. And since K and I are restless souls we are off again in April.

On a sad note today is the one year death anniversary of my Toulouse. I have accepted it finally and kind off little okay now. I know he is in a much better place. He is free from the life we live, free from all the pain.
It still feels very recent. Cant believe a year has passed. I guess I will keep loving him and missing him forever and a day. 



  1. Watched the lil animation was really nice. Although the ending is tragic, it kinda sums up will end some day, but the journey however small can be beautiful.

    The same goes for your pet (was it a dog? I had one died in 2010). While it was around, it must have added so much joy to your life.

    Come to think about it, dealing with death is hardest on those who have helped nurture the life that has passed on.

    Loved reading.

    Update mine. Do drop by.


    1. Hello.
      Thanks a lot. Sorry about your pet. My pet dog passed away a year ago. But yes..While he was around those six yrs were the best ever.
      Will check out your blog too.
      Thanks for reading!


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