Of ruining pickles and hair washes...

Happy Women's Day Peeps!

While women are achieving milestones, doing amazing in their lives and career yet sometimes I come across such nonsense pertaining women that it just boils my blood. 

Couple of days back I frantically called up my Grand Mom and gave her a task. I told her to make a list of all these random beliefs and superstitions that her generation believed in and why. She got so excited that she made a very big list for me and explained it for a good half an hour. Not surprising to me but most of these nonsensical ideas were only for women, forced upon women and I am pretty sure it was made by women too. 

Like when there is pickle made in the house, a girl on her period is not suppose to touch it. If she touches it, the pickle gets spoilt and turns black. What the hell. And honestly I have seen people close to me, all educated still believe in this nonsensical myth. After some research I found out that it was basically told "not to touch" which meant that women were not suppose to eat pickle during her periods. It is high on salt and vinegar which when consumed causes bloating. Simple. Makes sense. But then they make this into something stupid that women are "untouchable" in this time and will ruin all the food. 

Another stupid one, again pertaining to a woman's period. If she waters a Tulsi plant which is sacred,  the plant will burn. Are these people mad. Woman are suppose to sleep in a different room, eat food separately from others and not touch anything in the house. Why, because she is unclean. That is what many religions in India say and force onto many girls even today. All misinterpreted. The women were kept away from household chores because during periods they were suppose to rest. She was not suppose to do tasks like cook, clean, do puja etc. That simple act of giving a woman four days of respite has become a new interpretation of how a woman is impure during periods and should be kept away from everything. 

In fact once I was denied prasad just because I had my period!! I have on many occasions experienced the stigma attached to periods even in this new age of progression. 
I do not agree that God would want a woman kept away from him just because she has something that God himself has given her. A sign that she can give life. A sign that she herself is life. I am glad my parents never believed in this nonsense and that's exactly how I would raise my girl if I were to have one.

In some hindu cultures there is a belief that when you are pregnant you are not suppose to wash your hair for nine months. They say the child falls sick often. I mean cmon! There is no truth to this. Half of the world washes their hair and their kids turn out absolutely fine. 

Then there were some random ones like don't cut your hair and nails in the night. Actual reason was that there was no electricity in the olden times. So after evening it would get dark and if you cut your nails you could get hurt. As simple as that. Today we have all the light in the world. So it is time we see some light and stop believing in all this now. 

It is high time we embrace a new thinking, imbibe the good traditions and let go of the regressive ones. 


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