Of Vampires and kids....

Cried, cried and cried today. All I need is a Grey's Anatomy episode to become a human hosepipe. Plus when they show mothers dying, that's it. I have cried for a good forty five minutes. Now I have washed my face and I am wondering how to spend my evening. 

I want to go for a walk but I don't have my phone as K has taken it for repairing. 
(I have to talk to someone/listen to music/read blogs/watch videos when I am walking, I just have to)

So in the morning K wanted me to change my phone wallpaper before he took it for repairing. Why? Well my one and only celebrity crush Ian Somerhalder as known as Damon from Vampire Diaries is my wallpaper. You can judge me but I absolutely love that guy!

Also no matter what you think, I feel it is totally okay for a twenty seven year old married woman to have a huge crush on a vampire. Why not enjoy some fiction in an otherwise extremely realistic life. 

K - "The service centre people will think I am gay if they see this."

Me - "How does it matter, you never have to see them again. I am not removing his photo!"

I also want to read. I have a commission to do, workshops to plan and a bag to pack. But I just want to read. So I have ordered three books. 

The Lie by C.L Taylor
The Spy by Paulo Coelho
The Modern Gurukul By Sonali Bendre. This book is on parenting. An impulsive purchase. I am not a parent and there are no plans of being one for sometime. I just love to read about people and what they think.

Over time I have realised one thing. If you have a husband, you are already a semi-parent. Like half-parent. The amount of time and energy that goes in taking care of K is like a crash course on parenting. Men are totally "men" when they are boyfriends. Once they are "husbands" they become like kids. This is all in good spirit of course. K truly is my perfect partner and I love taking care of him, which is likewise because I am also the most stubborn annoying child myself. And the way he handles me, no one can. 

Guess that's what marriage is. Two kids taking care of each other till more kids come along. 

All in all it's a sweet journey. You end up having a best friend for life. 

PS - Thanks K for putting me first. Actually more like "putting" up with me!


  1. Tanvi crying seeing something so moving is still ok.....i 'heard' a song and sobbed like a child....in a way i find crying a therepy...detoxing.....excess just flows away.

    1. Its me Pallavi Rao :) in case you were wondering.

    2. Hey! I always wonder about the "anonymous" comments. I agree that crying is detoxing. Everything just gets out of your system. Thanks for reading :)


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