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So since I am back I have been very charged up. You must have seen in my previous posts where I was all about how I love my routine and all. Well now I am back to disliking it. I just want to do some art and not at all be bothered by home crap. So my "routine-loving" phase lasted for exactly one week. Any way, I am glad that I have been motivated to create. I have been complaining of being stagnated in my art and wanted to break out. I have finally found some inspiration and have completely immersed myself in my latest series. 

So my latest art series is called "Imagining life with you" which is dedicated to my pet Toulouse. I have been moping and mourning for over a year now and instead thought of channelling my pain in a healthier way. Thus came the idea of giving him a tribute to my art works. Henceforth all my ink art works will have him featured in it in some way or the other. He is in my heart, my soul, my mind. He is everywhere for me, so why not bring him out in my art too.

This one is titled Turtle city. Basically my series is all about my imagination coming out on paper. Along with my Toulouse.

Titled: Come back home. 

I have more ideas to ink out but these are my two latest art works. Couple of days back I saw this lovely animated short film. It's an award winning Pixar-Esque short movie called Alike. Click here to watch it: "Alike"

 It sheds light on how society and school, kill your creativity. And I feel it is extremely true. Dad always told me that schools actually stagnate your creativity as a child. They are taught a specific way on how to draw a house or a flower. A very typical way, thus killing the child's imagination. As a kid, apparently my art was really good, till school happened.

My parents have always let the Sibling and I follow our dreams and choose what we want to do. Sometimes they too succumb to the pressures of the society but over all they have been extremely supportive. I found this art book my Dad had gifted me fourteen years back. "Do what you love", something we all believe in. I look at this note and feel very happy that I have chosen to follow my dreams no matter what the outcome. 

That's all for now. Do watch that short film, trust me it's worth your time!



  1. You might never get over the loss of your pet. But you will definitely cherish the happiness it brought into your life,

    Lovely art work. I envy you :p


    Do drop by mine.

    1. Thank you so much... :) Will def check out your blog.

  2. It is so hard to loose a pet, we become so attached to them don't we. You're extremely talented and it is the best thing to do what we love and what we are passionate about. #mg

  3. Love your art forms. Its the advanced form of Zentangle art, right? #mg

    1. Hello. Thanks a lot. It's a mix of zentangles with more inking techniques.

  4. That is an extremely smart written article. I will be sure to bookmark it and return to learn extra of your useful information. Thank you for the post. I will certainly return.


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