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I was wondering what I should blog about today and I even had a topic in mind but then this happened. I came across a lovely article filled with wonderful illustrations that I just had to write about them. The article is on "growing up" in today's time and age. I thought why not put across these images and connect them to my life.

There is so much pressure of growing up these days. The problem is that even at the age of 27, actually I will be 28 in two months but till then I will diligently state my age as 27, I still do NOT remotely feel grown up. I feel like a kid stuck in a big fat house, waiting to just laze around, munch on chips and binge watch shows. Sigh. If there was a Fairy God Mother, that's what I would wish for. Unlimited stacks of money, junk food and great shows.

Marloes De Vries is an artist from Netherlands who loves to draw sketches on daily life. One of her favourite topic is "growing up" and I just loved her illustrations. I felt it was specially made for me and many other girls who are still wondering if they are grown up.  

Check this one out! My Mom had kids and was extremely settled by the time she was 27.  She was married, had two children, was a pro at managing home and us. Pretty sorted actually. And I? Trust me I still play Roller Coaster Tycoon! I love that game. I read, I binge watch shows, I play games, I hate responsibilities. And am no way ready to have a child right now. I am just about managing a big family and work yet somehow making time to watch Vampire Diaries. 

Unbelievable amount of time goes in thinking what to eat or what to cook. My life issues are mostly revolving around what vegetable to cook in the morning or what exciting meal to make for the boys when they return from office. 

Story of all our lives. I try to sleep early because everyone is an early riser in the house. Except for me. I am absolutely not a morning person. And I have the most illuminating personality at night. K finds my energy levels atrocious. He asks me, "Who is so charged at 12am?" I am game to watch unlimited shows, I can dance around for no good reason, I want to have deep conversations and I am constantly developing new techniques to annoy K. But mostly we both are busy on our laptops and phones, reading up, watching videos, sharing stuff. Our favourite time together is our night time where we can finally be together and just be. 

I have been trying to control and avoid junk food since two weeks. And I have. But I can be the biggest glut ever. No matter how stuffed I am and even if I have a tummy ache, I can still hog on chocolates and chips.

Happens with K and I every day. I am a runner. (Rhetorically) I just cannot handle stress. So when I have orders and workshops coming up, I don't want to face it. I just want to run. K has to literally handle this madness on a daily basis. I feel like cancelling my orders, backing out from workshops. I just want to be left alone and create art by myself. Is that wrong?  

True story most of the times. Actually K likes my horrendous glasses and track pant-look but that's because he is blinded by affection as of now at least. But trust me I am no vision when I sit at home. Mom keeps shouting at me that I should dress up nicely every evening and greet my husband with a smile. But I love the comfort of my track pants too much and I do not want to put my eyes through the irritating pain of lenses just because K is coming home. Sorry K, I love you beyond words but my spectacles are going no where. Unless I do a lasik I guess. 

One of the things that bind K and I like fevikol. Our love to be alone and have "introvert-style" fun all the time. I guess all couples love this. And honestly I love this when I am alone too.

I have the messiest room at home. I need a mess to function creatively. Not many get this, but the moment my room is clean, I just cannot find my stuff. K himself is messy but does not like it when I mess the room up. But well, if he needs a sane wife he needs to get used to the mess.

Story of my life. Everyday. In fact, today. I have a commission to give tomorrow and I was watching Vampire Diaries instead. Cheers.

How I celebrate every accomplishment. 

So all the best to all of us on our journey of growing up. Sending all the love to Marloes the artist for such a truthful and wonderful rendition of growing up.

Off to cook now. Peace.


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