Routine! I have missed you!

Hi Peeps!

We are back from our wonderful holiday where we went exploring Sri Lanka for a week. It was a lovely trip which I will share on my next blog post. Right now I am too tired and extremely happy to be back to my routine life. I crib and complain about my routine all the time but now suddenly I realised I have fallen in love with my overly settled life. Or maybe I am just recharged right now from my holiday so I feel this random new found love and respect towards my life and home.

You get so caught up in the fast life of Bombay that you tend to take your routine for granted. The peace of a lovely home, a very big supportive family, a regular routine, comfortable freelancing career, happy marriage and I can go on. We take so much for granted. We let life pass by so fast that we don't end up cherishing the simple soul-full things that happen everyday. 

I was so happy to dig into a bowl of hot "poha" at 12 am last night after a week of mad junk food. There is no place like home, your room and your soft bed. I am probably talking like some nomad who had gone travelling for many months into the wild or something. But I truly missed home with all my heart. 

I am now happily back to my very clean room which will get messed soon. I am also back to a massive oil spill that happened in one of my drawers thus resulting in the destruction of my moleskine art book which has ruined nearly ten doodles of mine. Somehow I am not even remotely upset about it. The doodles were simplistic and I have soft copies of them. So not really the end of the world.

I am excited to get back to work and cannot wait to create some art. I have taken my work too lightly in the past few months. Just sticking to orders and workshops. I have been stagnated since five months and it's time to get off my ass. I have procrastinated too much, been overly demotivated and self-created random drama and stress around me. So time to now clear my head, clear my mental clutter, shut my cribbing (trying) and get to work.

I guess this is why you should travel. It charges you suddenly to live your life properly. I hope this "excited/charged about life fever" lasts for at least a week.

That's all for now.



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