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Cause you bake me crazy........

K - "What are you watching! It's so violent. Why are you watching all this." (A reaction to a show where a mom is screaming since her child is getting bullied)

K always has over the top reactions to whatever I watch. He is extremely mellow in nature. I feel like I am married to a nice pink cotton candy. High on all the good in this world. Oblivious to the twisted nature of the human mind or anything slightly out of the ordinary. So he finds my choice of movies and shows extremely weird. He as it is feels that I am mentally imbalanced (not in an alarming way) and should not watch stuff that can add fuel to my personality upheavals. 

All this tension over a show called Big Little Lies. A lovely show that stars Nicole Kidman and Reese Witherspoon. It's a seven episode mini series, suggested by The Mother and I loved it. The show revolves around five women, their lives, kids, relationships, etc. It also shows a very twisted side to relationships and how many people are always living a lie. I loved the realistic nature of the show and the darkness of human behaviour

Apart from violent and over realistic shows, I have been watching Masterchef Australia and various cooking shows with my cotton candy.. 
Speaking of cotton candy, couple of days back I nearly purchased a cotton candy machine. I really want to own one and make my own cotton candy. "Nearly" purchased means a no. I didn't buy it, cause I know everyone will think I am crazy. Plus K feels I do not need anymore sugar in my system. 

And now coming to the topic of sugar. I am proud to say that my "cotton candy K" has taken a lovely three day workshop to learn baking! Yes! K who has only ever made Maggi for me, has now learnt to bake and tomorrow he plans to bake a chocolate mousse cake and a coconut caramel cake. I have been instructed to be ready in an hour since we have to go out and buy all possible baking equipment and ingredients. 

K- If you don't want to come it's alright, I can manage but it would be better if you come. 


I have to go help him out. He has asked me over a million questions about condensed milk and all possible creams, etc. I guess it's better to just go and get it. "I just need 28 ingredients" says K.
From vanilla pods to hazelnuts, from compounds to creams and various sugars. It's a long list. 
Along with that we need all types of spoons, trays, sheets and weighing scales. He does not want to use the baking stuff that we have at home since he wants everything to be "new" and "perfect".
For over an hour last night he sat and reworked the recipes and planned everything out. He did not let me watch Masterchef Australia, nor did he watch. So I just had to blankly sit and listen to him talk about desiccated coconut and various glazes. But I have never seen him so happy and excited to take on something new, Honestly I am happy to see this side of him and a little worried about how much work I am going to have tomorrow. It's always the assistants who get screwed. 

I need tea.

On a not so sugary note, I am absolutely loving my break. I have been off art completely because I have not been feeling too inspired to draw lately, which I think is fine. Instead I have been very busy conducting personal sessions and teaching my art to people. So all in all, it's been a great month. Too many outings, getting drenched on Marine drive, loving the monsoon and best of all, my birthday is coming in ten days!!

Also honoured to say that my blog has been selected for the "Top Indian Blogs 2017" list, second time in a row. I have apparently been maintaining a quality blog for over two years now. So yay.

Life has been going showing me all possible colours and I am choosing to paint with all of them .

That's all for now.



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