Prancing our way to obesity and fizzling tubelights...

Tucking my tummy flab into a pair of high waist black jeans and gorging into McDonald Pizza Mcpuff along with some french fries. It has been a great weekend. Movies, food, friends, food, drinks, food, running around and some more food. Lately I have been hungrier than usual. The Sibling feels that if I keep eating at this rate, his not-that-thin sister will soon turn into an absolutely-not-thin sister.

I keep posting the food I eat on my Instagram page, which resulted in The Sibling commenting that one fine day he will make a slideshow of all the pictures and show it to me when I am 130 kgs. Honestly we have nothing against weight and do not judge people on their bodies but when it comes to me, they are obviously a little particular about my appearance. Anyway I walk two hours every alternate day and keep doing my kick boxing so that I do not miss out on the great, amazing food available to human kind on this planet. 

On the food front, here are some lovely things I have hogged this month. 

You can never get enough of Mcds french fries. 

K's absolute favourite. Tiramisu at Jamie's Pizzeria.

For all coconut lovers. You should try the coconut mojito at Tgif.

Amazing Spaghetti at Salt Water Cafe.

Pesto sandwich at Salt water cafe. For those who love pesto can have, I am not a fan of it. But the wasabi salad and fries made my day.

Cheesy loaded wedges at Havana, Superb! 

Thepla Tacos at Chaayos. Worth a try!

Morning date with K of Cinnamon thandi chai, bun maska and thepla tacos. Definitely have the bun maska at Chaayos!

My favourite. Classic Margherita pizza at Jamie's pizzeria.

LE 15 has come up with a new Tiramisu Inspired menu!!! This was the best thing we ate this weekend. Tiramisu macaroons were crazy good along with the Tiramisu Choux Pastry. Please go have it! Also, I am very close to living my dream. My dream of having all different macaroons in Paris. More details in my next post.

Loaded nachos at Verbena.

So yes, K and I are prancing away on the road to obesity. (Not really, we work out sometimes)
I guess I do need to go run for two hours now. Need to burn the mad calories I must have accumulated. But tell me, how can anyone diet when there is such amazing food all around you!

Last night I literally cried due to exhaustion. We have been out for something or the other back to back last week. Met friends, family, pigged out at various restaurants, watched movies. So we saw Despicable Me which is amazingly cute. And, Tubelight, which basically fizzled out so don't bother watching it. 

So it's been a perfect birthday month! Tomorrow is my birthday!! I am always excited for my birthday but this year I do not feel like cutting a cake. Cake cutting is something that bores me now. I prefer just cutting a small cupcake actually. A coconut cupcake to be precise. (K, note this) Post my birthday we are flying off to Bangalore for two days. And once we are back, we are flying off elsewhere!! My dream trip is coming up in a few days! 

That's all for now!



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