London Dreams continue........

5:45 pm - Relaxing in my room with loads of chocolates, chips and coke. Will be back home in a week with loads of happy memories and fat.

I had a lovely weekend. My last weekend in the east side of London. I really love this area and will definitely miss it so much. Next weekend is my last weekend in London which will go with family, Harry Potter tour and then packing. I will try to make the most of my last week here since I don't know when I will get a chance to have such an amazing experience again. 

This weekend I visited a few people and checked out some art exhibitions and museums. I walked everywhere, exploring St Johns woods street, Holland park and Kensington. I saw the most amazing art instillation at Mosaic rooms, where contemporary islam artist Dana Awartani made a surreal geometric pattern on the floor with sand! 

Can you believe this is sand!!! I was the only one in this room when I came. So glad I got some alone time where I could peacefully appreciate this instillation.

The manager of the gallery then suggested that I should check out Leighton Museum since I love tiles and Arabic art. The Victorian house is actually used for art exhibitions. Actually I did not care much about the paintings, my sole reason to go was to check out the hall in that house. Leighton made a spectacular Arab hall inside with a golden dome which was worth seeing. Photography is not allowed in there, I sneaked on picture but it sucked, so I am putting up a few I found on Google (Of the Arab hall)

Isn't it amazing!!! 

After seeing this, I started walking around Kensington road and then got lost. Now the issue with me is that I can travel anywhere, absolutely anywhere in London. But only in bus. I have not gone by the Tube alone and for some reason I find the tubes here overwhelming. Even in Mumbai, I never took a train. I am honestly admitting that I have never travelled by train alone. Ever. But when I checked my maps, to get back to my home in London, I had to take the tube. There was no bus. I frantically called K and had a mini panic attack. Got lost trying to find the bus stop to get to the station and was just aimlessly walking for sometime. But it's good to get lost sometimes. You find the most beautiful corners when you are lost. So I then calmed down, found a bus, went to the train station and then somehow magically managed to take a train back home! I just followed my google instructions carefully. Checked which line I had to use, which platform to take and where to get down.
So yes, travel alone by tube in London. Check!

Walked, walked and walked. So much beauty if you just look.

My second week ended and here is some work we did. I tried my hand at plaster carving. I loved it though I wish I was not so messy and that hope with time it will look neater. 

Hope I get neater with practise!

Carvings made by everyone! They all did such an amazing job! Wish mine was as neat!

Went to this lovely place by the canal with my friends. I absolutely love love love this canal in Hackney.

That's all for now!



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