Of musicals, pillow talk and pa pa pa paaaaaaaaaaaa


Cannot believe I am halfway through the course. Just ten more days before I go back home. You know, the Swades theme score "Pa Pa Pa Paaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa" is literally playing in my head. 

The theme song started when I was working on a pattern in class that originated in Agra!
I was humming whilst drawing. And after reading this, I am sure you all will be able to hear it right now. "Pa Pa Pa Paaaaaaaaaaaaa"

 And even though I am waiting to go back home to K, I am going to miss London. I have fallen in love with this city. However it's raining like crazy today and it is so cold.  I have been very busy with the course and the weekends go in exploring the city. A few days back I went to the city centre to watch the Aladdin musical. What a show. Spectacular. I loved the sets, especially the cave of wonders. And I was speechless during the Magic carpet ride scene. I was in the last row of the stall section as that was the only ticket available so I was having some difficulty seeing the stage, so were the people in my row. We then went and convinced the usher to give us all mini kid pillows! And then I had the best view of the musical! Thanks to the pillow.

I also went and explored Canary Wharf. Had a lovely walk and a nice cable card ride overlooking the river. 

I just love walking through the streets. Honestly I have never been this confident in my life. I just hop on a bus, go walk the streets, shop a bit, pick up food and come back. My bag broke while walking, my hands hurt with all the shopping bags (art supplies) and then my GPS stopped working. But somehow I walked, walked, found my bus stop and got back home.
This weekend I am going to go check out some art exhibitions and museums.

Cable car view of Canary Wharf.

Pretty lights. I always love capturing different types of lights.

Patterns and more patterns! So privileged and glad that I am learning so much in this course. Meeting so many people everyday, being inspired and learning so many new things.

But ten days to go, so I am going to make the most of it! Read this beautiful quote today............

That's all for now.
PS - Writing another post right now since I am in a whole "lets blog a lot today" mood.


  1. I absolutely love London. It has a special place for me because it was the first place outside of India that I visited, and that too alone for work. The Dude and I were seeing each other, and he had been there a few months before, so he made me a to-do list, and also 'how-to--manage-things' list. I mean, he even told me which pocket of the bag to keep the passport in. I explored a lot on my own but I am not a happy lone traveler, so i was cribby. But my best friend had moved there too, so I used to have company on some weekends.

    Just to relive it , I went again with the dude 3 years later, when he travelled for work. Sigh, awesome memories.

    1. It's truly one of the best cities I have visited. Honestly I am not a very sole traveling person..but I have enjoyed the Independence I have gotten here..just had time solely for myself for a change.


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