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Cause life is not always a patchy purple....

The obsession people have when it comes to food, housework and kitchen is beyond me. There are so many things to do in life  (career, reading, watching plays, learning a skill, travel, being social, etc), it is shocking when I see people fixated on the most idiotic and mundane aspects of life, all the bloody time. Sadly I cannot help such people and nor do I want to. I just have to find a way to float my boat by staying away as much as I can from such people.

Trying not to fall asleep, I shall make a steaming MUG of tea for myself very soon. Not a "cup", I need a mug today. Nothing has happened actually. It's just I am on some medication for my measles, which makes me very drowsy. I want to sleep yet I am trying not to sleep. Or maybe I may just sleep for half hour. Or maybe not. 
Damn, I am rambling. 
I guess I will nap after I update my blog, then will have tea and get to work. 

I was cribbing about the latest art work that I was making, turns out that it was not that bad and I actually worked on it a lot of make it look a little decent. Here are some pictures of the progress of this artwork. I tried my hand at painting this time, using Acrylic Inks. I loved this medium but it was very difficult for me to paint. I took up a paint brush after fifteen years. Since Ink Tales happened all I used were pens. So I guess it will take me years before I actually get good with a paint brush. 

This pattern was from a Wooden Panel from the Museum of Islamic Art in Cairo. Hope I get to visit Cairo one day. Egypt is one of my "bucket list places" to visit. (Actually all countries are on my bucket list).
Till I was working with red and orange, it was fine. Wasn't very comfortable with shading, but I was powering through.

Then when I added the lilac, it was ruined. Patchy and weird. Completely out of line. So I was disappointed with the way this art work was turning out.

This was the look of it once I was done with the painting. After moaning about this to my parents and K, something just clicked. And Voila! I gave a texture into the purple parts to make it look nice and a white outline for depth. 

To quote K, "the art piece was transformed."

Of course it's not perfect and I hope to get better with time. I am just happy that I did not ruin it completely and that the three days I worked on this wasn't a waste.

Sometimes I feel that we and our life are like these "work in progress" pieces. We work so hard to become someone, we are half of the time disappointed with the way we are and how our life is going and then something clicks. We transform and finally learn to love ourselves. We accept how we are, with the flaws and drawbacks. We accept our life and strive hard to make it better. We are continuously developing and trying to become good human beings.(Some of us) Life is always throwing so many curve balls at us. Just when you feel settled, a wave hits you. Sometimes a tsunami hits you. Some days it's just drizzles. Some days are just like the patchy purple paint which ruin the whole look. You then grow, realise, add some white lines and textures, and voila! Life seems settled again. Life starts looking like one decent art work.

Till hurricane Irma strikes.

Then you move on and start making a new art work!

My friends R and M have a new name for me. They call me a hurricane. I always have too much diverse information to share. Both good and bad. M once asked me, "Should I say sorry, how cute, that sucks or congratulations!"

Today R shared a lovely picture of us on FB, one of our coffee dates. So R and I used to meet every alternate day and always at Bru. Bru was my favourite coffee shop which shut down. I have no idea why. It is now replaced by a very expensive and loud Starbucks. Anyways, moving on from over priced coffees, my point was that we both really miss our coffee time. One cup would last us a good three hours since we had too much to discuss and talk. It was so effortless and relaxed before. Now as we are growing up, actually we are already "grown up", life gets more taxing and annoying. It was easier being a non-responsible girl with just college and boy troubles. Now our "troubles list" is endless. Literally. 

In my last post I wrote a message for K to get me sandpaper and Perk. Instantly the same evening...I received this.....

Perk and Sandpaper! Thanks K! These blog messages work so well! I should do it more often.

It's funny how our aspirations have changed and how random things make you happy. Like today, I was making upma for breakfast. Now I am not a fan of the upma made at the Mehta household, so I decided to make the upma "Karnik" style with onion and less water. I was so excited while cooking it! And then I realised, "what is wrong with me, how can I be so happy and excited about upma".

These days I find happiness in things like sandpaper, upma, K planning a date night on a weekday instead of the usual weekend, seeing parrots outside my windows, phone call from my maid that she is coming tomorrow and a perk chocolate. 

That's all for now. 
Time for a mug of tea.



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